5 Tips To A Healthy Eye-sight In Your Adulthood

5 Tips To A Healthy Eye-sight In Your Adulthood

Not many of us can boast of a 6/6 vision or even decent eyesight. The basic reason why we can’t boast of that is our own lifestyle choices, the way we treat our eyes and most importantly, the way we keep on ignoring their pleas. 

Your eyes will talk to you about their health, you need only listen! For instance, itchiness or redness, dry eyes, dark circles below your eyes: they are all a sign that your eyes aren’t keeping so well. So, if you already have a pair of glasses on, and the numbers are not coming down but rather going up, you may want to stop caring about the artificial lenses you put on, and more concern over the natural lenses you are blessed with fs needed. 

While we do understand that recent work models require you to operate on digital screens and too much exposure to computers or mobiles is never good for your eyes, however, there is a way out for adults who are struggling between health and work. In this article, we intend to give you a list of 6 such secrets that you can adapt in your regular life and make your eyes happy again.

Get the right help

In case you have been complaining of blurred vision or itchiness in your eyes, it’s always good to consult an eye doctor. You should anyway get your eyes tested twice a year. If there is any correction that needs to be done to your lenses or your spectacles, it can be made easily once detected. However, for that, you would need regular checkups and also, you should only trust reputed names such as PersonalEyes when it comes to your eyes.

Healthy diet

Needless to say, there are some food items that can help the health of your eyes. For instance, if you do not like citrus fruits, you are going to make some changes to your diet anyway. Since Vitamin C is like an elixir for the eye, you should get into the habit of eating oranges, tomatoes, and anything citrus. Magnesium and iron-rich fruits, such as mangoes and bananas, can also be helpful. You should limit your sugar consumption as it often leads to problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

Maintain an eye hygiene

Any good eye doctor would recommend that you wash your eyes at least twice a day with only cold water. Now, the prerequisite here is that the cold water needs to be extremely clean, without any pollutants. Moreover, if you do use lenses for your sight correction, it is imperative that you only clean them with the solution they have come with, and not use water to clean them. Using water for your lens solution could lead to problems such as styes, chalazion, Etc. Moreover, if your eyes are itchy or red often, and you end up rubbing it aggressively, you may risk exposing your eyes to more gems and thus, more severe problems.

Maintain proper sleep hygiene

It has been found that people, who often sleep late at night and do not get proper sleep of eight hours, complain of eye troubles. To ensure that your eyes get their rest, you should allow them a healthy sleeping pattern. Moreover, it is a healthy practice to switch your phone off, at least an hour before you intend to sleep. The blue rays coming from your phone at night can disturb your sleep quality. 

Change your working style

Notice the workspace you operate from. If your computer is not at the same level as your shoulders, then you need to push it down. The point is that your eyes should never be on the same level as your computer to ensure that they are not directly exposed to the harmful blue light coming out of the screen. You are never supposed to look at your computer or mobile screen for longer than 20 minutes, in a single sitting. For every 20 minutes that you spend looking at the screen, you’re supposed to take a break of 20 seconds and look at something located 20 feet away from you. This rule is also known as 20-20-20, for obvious reasons, and you should put it in your daily practice.

We hope this article proves beneficial for the health of your eyes. 

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