5 Tricks To Master A Piano Quickly


Learning to play a complicated song on the keyboard can become frustrating. It’s because you don’t acquire skills overnight, it needs some perseverance even to notice a sign of progress. A strategy can help you go a long way to wrap up a lesson early. 

Wrapping up before time means you have mastered the skill earlier than planned. Fundamental strategies are somewhat outdated but can still be used by budding professionals to get a hold on their basics from scratch. However, the new ones are starting to take place in the latest piano lessons in Brooklyn NY. So, let’s discuss them one by one for better song learning on a piano. 

It originates in your mind

Music originates from the mind and reflects on the instrument you play. To have a musical soul, it’s essential to recognize that it’s your mind’s responsibility to compose a piece and then execute it. Metaphorically, your brain is like a computer that has to operate with precision. Once you master the art, your fingers will automatically move on those keys. 

Pick a basic but challenging song 

When you play a basic song, it’s an excellent motivation to strive for more. Obviously, before starting to play the song, you need a few fundamentals to stick with. For example, the basics of a piano in terms of hand positioning, finger positioning, and finding keys. But don’t spend too much on these basics (after making sure you have mastered them). Choose a song and get yourself going. 

Choosing a song is not all that easy. In the worst-case scenario, you could select a complicated song that discourages you. On the other hand, for a song that’s too basic, you might get bored. You need to find a balance and here are a few tips on how to do that. 

  • There must be no chords with more than three notes in the song. 
  • Have the least notes for your non-dominant hand. In most cases, it’s the left hand. 
  • Avoid picking songs that have a very similar scale throughout. 
  • Shortlist a few songs and listen to them carefully. Then pick the one that falls in the middle. 

Segmentation of the song

Once your song is fully approved in your mind, break it into small sections. It can be of 5 to 10 seconds, depending upon your consistency. Segmentation is vital as when the brain only focuses on present keys, it sometimes forgets the upcoming ones. The idea is to practice for a few seconds and repeat the drill. On the other hand, if you try to learn the entire song in one go, you won’t master it as actively or as early. Here are a few tricks to learn in segments. 

  • Divide different days of the weeks to learn in different sections. 
  • Try a cumulative drill. For example, if you play the first session on Monday, learn the second one on Tuesday and try to play both together. 
  • The same tip for Wednesday and Thursday. 
  • It will progressively overload your skills gradually but for your own good. 
  • It will motivate you regularly with small milestones to achieve every day. 

Try to master the piano with one hand

Before you get used to playing the piano with both hands together, try to use them separately. It’s because sometimes, when the brain has too much to do, playing with both hands can be overwhelming. It might cause problems in coordination. Here are a few detailed tips for the same. 

  • Learn the role of both hands when playing together. 
  • Try out a song with both your hands separately and noticed a difference. 
  • Ask for a different lesson on coordination from your piano lessons in Brooklyn. 
  • Write down your progress and rehearse accordingly. 

Regular practice is the key

Taking out an hour of practice every day doesn’t harm anyone. It’s about consistency in preparation and the results will be noticeable within a few days. In fact, many budding professionals try and take out 2 hours on a few occasions. The dedication is clearly visible as they gradually build the habit of practicing for longer.

It’s also about what the piano lessons in Brooklyn provide and how does a student match up. So, choose your teacher and regular drills carefully.