8 Benefits of Advanced Vein Therapy

Vein Therapy

In old times when Medical Science was not so advanced, Vain Stripping was the only possible way known. This treatment had a very low success rate and most of the times it was a failure. Moreover, this old way of treatment was ineffective as it lasted only for a short period of time and veins would eventually return again. This way there was not much benefit to the treatment.

But today, when Medical Science has advanced so much, Vain Stripping has become an outdated trend. Now there are much better treatments available for Venous Disease. Laser treatments are available for us. These advanced treatments are painless and more effective on vascular veins. 

Although no treatment can actually “Cure” these swollen and weakened veins, there are certain ways to hide them and stop them from advancing. People who are seeking for help are generally concerned about benefits they will get out of RejuVeination treatment after knowing that those veins can’t be cured. So we are presenting here some major Benefits you will get out of Advanced Vein Therapy.

Here are Some Major benefits of Advanced Vein Therapy:

1. Improves Your Physical Appearance: 

Who doesn’t want to look good? Having your Varicose Veins treated hides unwanted, and ugly looking spots on your skin. It makes the skin smooth and shiny. This change will gradually boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and you’ll not be scared of your bad appearance. Now, you’ll not have to compromise with dresses. You will have the freedom to wear whatever dress you want. You wouldn’t be worried about others noticing those dark spots on your legs.

2. You Wouldn’t Suffer From Unwanted Pain Anymore: 

While not being a lethal disease, Varicose Veins causes pain in legs which upsets your mental health. This eventually results in you being annoyed or irritated most of the time. By getting EVLT treatment, you will be relieved from unnecessary pain. Moreover, this process is painless and doesn’t require you any bed rest after treatment.

3. It Wouldn’t Affect your Savings Much: 

Many people fear that this treatment is costly such as old Vain Stripping treatment and it will cost them a fortune. As the disease doesn’t look like a threat, they drop the idea of having it treated. They neglect it. But the truth is that this treatment is covered in most of the Insurance plans and healthcare. So you will not have to face financial issues. On the other hand, this disease will get worse if not treated on time. 

4. You will be more active than usual: 

Your Veins make your legs swell and reduce your mobility. Your legs don’t allow you to work as much as you are used to doing that. Vascular Veins force your muscles to not move much and stay in one place.

After getting treated, it wouldn’t hold you back from doing anything, the swelling will be gone and you will more active than your previous days. You can immediately start working after the treatment is done. 

5. You will Get a Peaceful sleep at Night: 

People who suffer from this disease, have restless legs, which don’t let them sleep peacefully, they keep turning left and right whole night and are unable to get proper sleep. After having treatment from RejuVeination, You’ll not have to stay awake all night and curse your Legs. You will have a better and peaceful sleep at night.

6. Non-Surgical and Minimally Invasive Process: 

Endovenous Laser Therapy is an FDA approved Non-Surgical and Minimally Invasive process. It is better known as EVLT. This laser treatment process takes up to 30 minutes only and doesn’t affect your daily activities. You can immediately resume your activities after getting treated with EVLT. You can get this treatment done in your free time between works. After treatment is done, you are suggested to walk some time daily to get your muscles back to their usual form.

7. No Scars or Marks Will Be Left on Your Skin: 

That swollen skin and visible dark veins are embarrassing. People often get worried about others seeing these marks. They fear that marks of veins will be left on their skin or scars of swelling will be left, but this treatment is not likely a surgical process and will not leave any type of scars or marks. 

8. Your Skin will look younger than before: 

When Vascular Veins appear on the surface then your skin starts looking aged and older than your actual age. Your legs get heavier and loosen. All this happens because of swelling in Vascular Veins. After getting treated with EVLT, your skin returns to its actual age and size. The skin tissues will be active again and tissue destroy will be reduced.  You will feel a boom in your Self-Esteem as a result of Younger Skin.

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