A Little History of Lockets You Should Know


Lockets have been in use since times immemorial. They have something special in them, that women and men love.and admire. No one can tell about the origin of lockets. People assume that they evolved from pendants and amulets of old ages. Lockets were used as a symbol of love and affection. They expressed the love and sentimentality of one person to the other. Usually, they are meant to contain photographs of loved ones, a lock of hair of anyone’s beloved, and other such things. Men too wore lockets in ancient days, displaying an image of their king to represent their loyalty snd solidarity. Not only were lockets worn around necks, but also around wrists and as rings. 

Let’s see how lockets have evolved since ancient times in their present forms. 

  • Lockets during the Elizabethan age

Penicuik lockets became a popular form of locket during Elizabeth I’s reign. The original lock of this type is believed to have belonged to Mary, the Queen of Scotland. The original Penicuik locket featured two miniature paintings, which are believed to be of Mary and her son. Also, people say that it was gifted to Mary by her obedient servant Giles Mowbray, on the day she was executed in 1587. The locket was then preserved by the clerk family of Penicuik. That’s how the locket derived its name.  

  • 17th-century lockets

During the 17th century, diamond lockets became more prevalent among the aristocrats. In those times they were used to commemorate the death of an individual. Lockets were a kind of mourning jewellery in those days. Some people in old times wore lockets secretly containing locks of hair of one’s beloved. By the end of the 18th century, lockets became a very popular form of jewellery and people didn’t have to hide it. 

  • Lockets during the Victorian era

Later in the 18th century, heart-shaped pendants and lockets got popularised. Even transparent lockets were manufactured so that the lock of hair could be seen from outside. When lockets became famous, initially only the privileged people could afford them. They had luxurious jewel-encrusted designs on them. Later, after the introduction of photography, lockets became affordable to the common people. During Victorian times, lockets were a popular form of fashion, worn by all. Lockets were available in huge varieties even in those times, ranging from sleek silver ones to sparkling marcasite lockets and other lavish ones having gemstones. 

  • Lockets in times of the first world war 

When the first world war started, soldiers gifted lockets as a memento to their loved ones. They were considered as a token of love, as a way of remembering their loved ones, when they are far away. During this time, lockets became high in demand and were manufactured in large quantities. But the quality of lockets deteriorated heavily in these times. 

Today we have love lockets as well and they can be gifted to people at their weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can get patterned lockets that are traditional in style and design, suitable to be worn with everyday wear, casual office wear, etc. Plain lockets in various shapes like round, heart, oval are also available. No matter what size and pattern it is, lockets are beautiful and have always been treasured by people. 

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