A Simple Guide For Modern Rugs In Australia

Modern Rugs

What is the right way of integrating the design and bold colour of your modern area rugs with the other interior decor elements of your living room? While you are gazing in wonder at beautiful modern rugs in Australia, one of the beauties might make you believe that it will blend into the overall style of your living room. 

Have you considered the colour, design and style of your classical furniture? Your eyes are on a modern rug, but your furniture is a classic beauty. The style mismatch makes the other pieces of decor look out of order. 

So, leave traditional rugs for traditional settings and modern rugs in Australia for modern settings. You might gravitate toward the plenty of options in both traditional and modern styles. You need to learn about both modern and traditional styles to choose the right rugs for your living room. If you wonder why should you use rugs in the first place, here are some reasons. 

  • You can use a rug to define your space if you are interested in open concept design. From your living room to your dining room, you can decorate any area.   
  • A larger rug can make your room feel larger. If your room seems tight, create an optical illusion with a larger modern rug.    
  • Rug is the one missing piece that is going to unify the decor of your room. Choose a rug that mixes well. 
  • Want to make your room newer and more attractive? Do that without dropping some serious cash. Just get a nice modern rug for your modern living room. Keep the larger furniture the same. Just switch accessories and add one or two new rugs. 

Modern Rugs 

This is not the same old style people have been following for decades. When you are buying a modern rug, you are getting a unique piece of art for your room. It is very easy to identify a modern rug. It is more sophisticated than a traditional rug. A modern rug is playful, fun and romantic. Irrespective of its style, design and colour, it is unique on its own. 

Characteristics Of A Modern Rug

Many modern rugs feature geometric patterns, contrasting elements and bold colours. Some even look like pages from architectural guides. You can also find art deco retro features in many modern rugs. Many modern rugs are original works of art. 

Modern rugs have less intricate and modern patterns. Some of these features come with bold patterns that are strewn across the entire rug. You can also find flowers or other bold images in a specific area.

When you have so many options, it is tricky to nail down one. Pair it with more eclectic furniture. A modern rug can easily add fun to your room. If you are going for shopping round, here are some tips for you: 

Choose The Right Size

In case you are choosing one for your living room, get a large rug and place it wisely. The front legs of every piece of furniture should be on the rug. When the rug is going under furniture, it creates an impression of being infinite in size.  

Avoid using your modern rug as an anchor for your coffee table or any other single piece of furniture. If it is for your bedroom, let it go under two-thirds of your bed. Avoid using a smaller rug. It will look like a bathmat.      

Don’t hide it 

Pair your heavy furniture with an all-over pattern rug. Let the pattern partially run under the furniture. For your furniture having exposed legs, go for a rug featuring one large flower or any other singular design element.     

Mix patterns 

Both the furniture and the rug can have prints. Keep in mind that the size of the patterns on the rug should be different. Geometric such as polka dots or floral pattern is perfect. 

Don’t change the furniture style soon 

If you are planning to change your furniture in the near future, this is not the right time to shop for modern rugs in Australia.