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When most people mention quality watches, the country that comes to mind is Switzerland. This is because the majority of the high-end timepieces are Swiss watches However, Switzerland is not the only European country that makes quality and classic watches. Other countries such as Scandinavia and Denmark also have a good reputation for manufacturing excellent watches. 

Danish watches are just as stylish as the Swiss watches and they stand out when it comes to functionality and simplicity. The majority of the Danish watch brands are also more affordable compared to Swiss luxury watches but there are also a few high-end expensive timepieces. Below we look at About Vintage, one of the Danish watch brands making headlines.

About Vintage

With the headquarters in Copenhagen, About Vintage started as a creation by two good friends that wanted to own a vintage watch but did not have the funds to buy one. They created the firm in 2013 and from there started the journey of creating and designing vintage watches by combining vintage classics with modern timepieces using great craftsmanship. 

Skove Anderson, the creator of vintage uses important years in the history of watchmaking to give his creations unique names. The first watch, a chronograph has the name 1815 in remembrance of Louis Moinet, a French horologist who invented the first chronograph technique. Other pieces have names such as 1844, 1820 automatic, 1971 automatic and 1969 among many others. 

The brand that combines luxury, style, classic and vintage pieces with today’s modern-day elements, focuses mainly on men’s timepieces that are simple yet spectacular. The timepieces of the brand combine vintage and classic details on the timepieces creating beautiful designs with varying expressions to fit the desires of every client. 

Besides the rich collection of men’s watches, the brand also offers a unisex collection of timepieces, chronograph watches for both men and women, the automatic collection recognisable by their vintage appeal and second counter ring, and a limited edition of Swiss-made timepieces. 

The company also offers free engraving for every purchase, which helps to add a personal touch to the watch. About Vintage also offers a very wide selection of watches to choose from for all styles. Regardless of what the cost of the watch is, you will find a timepiece that fits your budget. 

Despite the company being one of the youngest watch brands in the market, it is popular with many celebrities and watches connoisseurs from all over the world. Some of their most popular clients include Ivar the boneless from Vikings Series and Pilou Asbaek

Things you should not do when buying vintage watches

In an earlier article, we discussed the things to consider when buying a vintage watch. Below are the don’ts of owning a quality vintage watch. 

Do not hesitate to ask questions

Asking questions about the brand you are interested in is very okay. This is so especially if you are buying your vintage watch from an auction house where they sell all their items as-is.

Do not buy complications

Complications may appear cool to some people especially to the watch collectors. However, if you are buying a vintage watch to use, avoid complications as they are expensive to service and fix in case of damage or slow movement. Fixing movement for a complications timepiece is possible but in the majority of the cases, once the dial gets a stain or some damage, it becomes hard to fix it and you may end up writing your vintage watch off. 

Do not always expect fancy packaging

Some of the vintage watches are so old that they do not have any special kind of packaging. What you can do with is not the original packing but an improvised one by the watchmaker or retailer.  

Wrapping it up

For people that know the true value and beauty of classic watches, owning a vintage watch from the top Danish watch brands is worth every amount you spend. The watches not only look good around the wrist, but they bring out the best in you as well as keep you on time with their accuracy. 

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