All Creatures Veterinary Center – Reasons Why Your Dog could Be Unhappy Post-Quarantine

Dog could Be Unhappy Post-Quarantine

his year has been an interesting one, to say the least, and what is quite clear is that dogs around the world have absolutely adored once again being with the family all day and every day. This may have been great for the pooches of course, but things are going to get worse for them pretty soon once everything is opened up again and they are once again back at home on their own, left to their own devices. 

There are many reasons why your dog is unlikely to be unhappy once the quarantine is over, and these are just a few of them. 

Separation Anxiety

I was on the phone last week with the brilliant team at the All Creatures Veterinary Center, discussing what to do when the inevitable separation anxiety kicks in with my dogs. This is where the dogs are so used to being with someone, that they can’t deal with once being alone and they start to get very anxious and cause quite the scene at home. I have friends who have doors that have been destroyed because of their dogs and the separation anxiety which they have. This is certainly going to be on the rise once the quarantine is eased and we have to go back to school and back to work. 


It is not just the being alone that the dogs are going to be unhappy about but also the fact that they are now not going to get the same level of attention that they have been getting. When you have a dog it is just sort of instinctive that you give them a cuddle and a scratch when you are passing by, and that of course will all stop once everyone gets back to work and they are by themselves. 


One of the main reasons why dogs are going to have such a hard time is that they are very much creatures of routine and that means that things changing are going to be very tough for them. It will take some weeks before they adjust to the new normal and that is going to bring with it some very lonely and frustrating days for them. There is little you can do about this other than ensure that they are loved and that they are able to stay calm, or as calm as possible in the first few weeks once things open back up again. 

There isn’t too much you can do as an owner but you may have to think about keeping the dog in a room where you maybe don’t mind a little bit of damage. You may very well find that your dog begins to scratch things or indeed go to the bathroom in the home, if they do this then you should speak to your vet about how you can help them to relax and avoid causing damage whilst you are out. There are certainly going to be some unhappy pooches out there once all this is over. 

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