Anxiety Relief For Adults – Do’s and Don’ts

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety like any other physical or mental illness is curable. However unlike physical troubles, it doesn’t simply go away by taking medication or by undergoing a surgical operation. Anxiety relief for adults is only possible when the patient is willing to fight stress and anxiety. It isn’t easy to always ward off anxiousness and stressful thoughts. The key to anxiety relief is keeping the faith in one’s own mental capability and one’s willpower. 

What can relieve anxiety? This is one question that is often asked by people suffering from anxiety and stress. A lot of things can relieve anxiety. Today we shall be focusing on a few do’s and don’ts that work in relieving anxiety. As I mentioned, it is all about putting in effort and being conscious of our own thoughts. 

Do’s for Anxiety Relief

There are a few things you must do for anxiety relief. They are – 

  • Stay Away from Stress – Yes, it is easier said than done but you have to try to stay away from stress. Most of the time we stress unnecessarily thinking about consequences of our, or others actions when we shouldn’t be doing it at all. 
  • Sleep Well – A mantra that will answer your question of what can I take to relieve anxiety is – sleep. Sleep well and sleep long. You must make sure your get your daily dose of six to eight hours of sleep. It is especially recommended for anxiety patients to nap in the afternoons, even if it is for a short time. 
  • Eat Wholesome Meals – Cut down on the fatty, funk food that makes most of your meals. Eat healthy. Most importantly start eating home-cooked food. Eating freshly cooked food does a whole lot of good to your mental health. It is also important to have a balanced diet with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, minerals and vitamins. 
  • Take a New Hobby –To stay away from stress and anxiety it is very important to keep yourself busy. But not in a way that it tires you but in a way that it relaxes you. That’s why having a hobby is considered beneficial. It could be cooking, baking, stitching, reading, making or listening to music, writing. The list is endless. The point of taking up a hobby is to keep your mind occupied and relaxed.  
  • Surround Yourself With Love – People say love heals everything. It has been seen that when an anxious person is surrounded by loved ones who motivate and encourage, it helps the person heal. That is why it is very important that you move away from toxic people or people who discourage you. One of the best possible ways to stay positive is to be around positive people. 
  • Remember You Are Breathing –At the end of the day, remember you are still breathing. Life is a miracle. It is meant to be celebrated. You were not created to be sad, to worry, to stress, to be anxious. Every human being on this earth comes only for a short period of time. You should live your life to the fullest. 

Don’ts for Anxiety Relief

As much important it is to remain positive and DO a few things, it is also equally important to NOT do a few things. 

  • Don’t Think About Stress and Anxiousness – It isn’t going to help you in any way if you keep thinking about stress and anxiousness. Keeping yourself pre-occupied is very important. 
  • Don’t Second-Guess Your Decisions– Indecisiveness, not having confidence in your own decisions will only aggravate your problem. Once you make a decision, stick to it. 
  • Don’t Drink Away Your Worries – Consuming alcohol isn’t a solution. Alcohol may keep you numb for sometime, but when the effect wears off, it always leaves you with a headache and more worries. 
  • Don’t Expect Immediate Results – Whether it is some medication or a change on lifestyle, do not expect things to change overnight. They won’t. Your stress, your anxiousness will only be controlled when you keep up good habits for a long time. 
  • Don’t Give Up Hope – No one can say for sure what works and what works doesn’t work for mental illness. This means what may work for others may not work for you. So even if a certain medication or habitual change doesn’t seem to be having the right effect, do not give up. Hold on. 
  • Don’t Become Lazy – Being lazy means you have more free time. More free time simply means more time to think. Thinking too much inevitably leads to over-scrutinizing your thoughts, actions and reactions. It isn’t good. 

Does Medication Work?

Medicinal treatment for anxiety and stress is like a double-edged sword. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try medicine. Taking medical advice is very important, especially for acute anxiety patients. However if you are not comfortable popping antidepressants, you can try alternative medicines. They have been in use for several hundreds of years and are known to be effective. Anxiety relief with essential oils, like Chamomile extract is quite an old practice. When coupled with other natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha, B-Vitamins, Magnesium, 5-HTP and GABA, it works on multiple levels to cure anxiety. Nowadays there are several pills made using a mixture of these naturally occurring ingredients. They are very commonly used in alternative therapy in different proportions or as stand-alone ingredients. 

One of the most common reasons for taking alternative medicines is that they almost always have limited side-effects. Since they are naturally derived, they are not harmful for the body when taken in the right proportions. They also promise long-term relief when taken consistently over a period of time. They are mainly dietary supplement and can be taken as mood support pills. 

It is important to remember that stress and anxiety can happen to any person, at any time. It isn’t easy to always control one’s emotions and feelings. But when stress and anxiety becomes too much, keep the above mentioned do’s and don’ts in mind. Reorganize your lifestyle, starting taking stress relief supplements and you shall see the difference over a period of time. It is all about effort and dedication. 

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