Benefits of Using Earthwool Insulation

Earthwool Insulation

Earthwool is one of the most popular insulations for sale in Australia. Due to progressive technologies and quality manufacturing, Earthwool Insulation offers many advantages over other types available. Whether you’re looking for an insulation brand that’s kinder on the environment or one that’s easy to handle for DIY installations, Earthwool Insulation is a great choice.

What is Earthwool insulation made from?

Earthwool Insulation is manufactured by Knauf and is a specially designed glasswool insulation, made from recycled glass bottles and other glass materials. What makes Earthwool stand out from other glasswool products is the innovative ECOSE technology used in its manufacturing process. 

 It uses only natural raw materials, and doesn’t have any added harsh chemicals such as phenol or formaldehyde. Furthermore, no artificial colouring is added to Earthwool, so it is a natural brown colour. 

Due to ECOSE technology, Earthwool is much more environmentally friendly than other glasswool insulation products, and it is also far less itchy. One of the complaints often made about glasswool is its itch factor, which can make handling unpleasant. However, Earthwool Insulation is nearly itch free, and is easy and comfortable to handle when installing. 

What is Earthwool used for?

Earthwool Insulation comes in a variety of different products, each optimised for particular areas of a home such as the ceiling, underfloor, internal and external walls, roof and between floors of a multistorey home. 

Additionally, these Earthwool products come in a wide range of R-values to suit every budget and climate conditions. R-value refers to how effective an insulation product is at resisting heat flow. So the higher the R-value, the more of a positive effect an insulation product will have on heat regulation in your home, and the more energy savings you will see. 

On top of Earthwool’s excellent thermal properties, it can also be used to create a pleasant acoustic indoor environment. Earthwool Sound Shield Insulation Batts are specially designed and manufactured to reduce the transfer of sound from outdoors to indoors and vice versa. When installed in the internal walls or between floors of a double storey home, Sound Shield Insulation can also help create a peaceful indoor environment by resisting sound transfer between rooms of the home.

Benefits of Earthwool Insulation

Many Australians are choosing to insulate their homes with Earthwool Insulation because it is: 

  • Made using environmentally friendly processes and materials.
  • Effective at resisting heat loss and gain, meaning more energy savings and a greener home.
  • Effective at resisting the transfer of sound for a better indoor acoustic environment.
  • Pre-cut to fit most Australian homes, making installation quicker and easier.
  • Easy to cut and install, making it a great choice for DIY projects.
  • Highly compressible: each bag fits more in it, making transport easier and reducing packaging wastage.
  • Odourless and rot proof.
  • Soft to touch with a very low itch factor.
  • Durable and backed by a 50 year warranty.