Best Night Treks Near Bangalore For Adrenaline Junkies

Night Treks Near Bangalore

Due to the geographical diversities found in India, the country is indeed a treat for travelers. It offers exceptional geographical landscapes, giving national as well as international tourists an adventurous treat of a lifetime. If you really enjoy being near to nature and get a thrilling experience, Bangalore is one of the best destinations in India that you should visit and plan for night trekking at least once in your life.

The life of most corporate employees in India is considered extremely hectic due to extreme work pressure, that all of us have to go through. A highly recommended thing you can do to come out of the monotonous routine and hustles of life and raise your adrenaline levels is to plan your next weekend for the night trekking in Bangalore. We promise you that this night trekking experience will not only take you to the most adventurous journey of your life but also lend you a hand to explore the beauty of Western Ghats.

Night Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Madhugiri Night Trek

Situated just 103 KM away from Bangalore, Madhugiri is also called ‘The Honey Hill.’ The hill has the second biggest menhir (huge man-made upright stone) in Asia and you will truly enjoy the majesty of nature as the route to this hill is well surrounded by the Timmalura forest. Be ready to be tickled and see Indian bears and a few peahens. You can plan the hill trekking anytime between October to March. Moreover, if you are worried about where to stay during your night trek? Don’t worry! There are numerous overnight stay resorts in Bangalore that will help you to enjoy the wonderful night trekking experience.

Savandurga Night Trek

The next most famous and adventurous spot in our executive list for night trekking is Savandurga Hills. Situated about 60 KM away from the west of the city of Bangalore, this hill is known as the Deccan plateau’s part. If you are the novice in trekking, Savandurga hill is the best option for you to get started. The moderate slopes on the hill allow you to relish the first-ever trekking experience. Moreover, the time required to complete the trekking of this hill is less than 2 hours. The perfect time to plan your weekend trip to Savandurga hill is in the winter season.

Ramanagara Night Trek

If you love to explore exigent mountainous terrains, batten yourself for the Ramanagara night trek. The hilly area situated only 55 KM ahead of Bangalore will offer you more than just trekking. Be ready to enjoy various activities such as jumaring, rappelling, cave exploration, rock climbing, and target shooting in this trek. Moreover, mountain biking is one of the most eye-catching activities you might want to try during your visit to Ramanagara for a night trek.

Tikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek

Tikal Rangaswamy Betta is one of the best options for trek enthusiasts who don’t want to go too far from the Bangalore city (just 70 KM away from the city). The betta in Kanakpura is also called the white hill and is said to be one of the tallest hills in the region. While you will be pleased by the amazing experience of jungle trekking, the heavy monsoon season is not the right time to visit this place. Nevertheless, the beauty nature spreads in this hilly region during mild rainfall is just bewildering. The best time to plan your night trekking at Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is between August and May. If you wish to explore more of Kanakpura with your family or colleagues, the best place to stay in Discovery Village resort. The professionals at the resort offer plenty of group activities and can guide you well about the nearby attractions. 

Anthargange Trek

Night trekking at Anthargange is said to be the most thrilling experience for trek lovers, situated just 80 KM away from Bangalore. Cave exploration, trekking, camping, and hiking are some of the most thrilling activities you can try to make your every moment memorable. You can plan for night trekking at Anthargange anytime between the beginning of winter till the end of it, that is, from October to March.

Kabbaldurga Trek

Trekking at the Kabbaldurga fort is the most adventurous thing that attracts the majority of trek enthusiasts. It is all about checking your swiftness, speed, and endurance. The fort is situated around 77 KM away from Bangalore and you can visit this place in the winter season between October and January. The Kabbaldurga night trek is the best opportunity to check your hiking ability as well. You might need a time of around 40 minutes to about 1.30 hours to reach the top, as per your mountaineering ability. Don’t forget to take your raincoat for this trip, as there is heavy rainfall in this region.