David Serna – What Should Tottenham’s Goal Be For the 2020/21 Season?

Tottenham’s Goal

As a Spurs fan, it has been hard to take that after so many years of near-success and truly great football, that we are back as being the butt of so many jokes. Indeed even my buddy David Serna who has always enjoyed watching Spurs, told me last week that he despairs fans when he sees us. I was chatting to David last week about how embarrassing this Amazon documentary is going to be for us, and he asked what I thought Spurs should be aiming for this season. After 4 or 5 years of looking to get as far as we could in the Champions League and even pushing for a title bid, it was something that I hadn’t thought of until he mentioned it. 

Having thought about it, here is what Spurs should realistically be challenging for. 


For me, the top four will consist of City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and United, which means that 5th and 6th could go to anyone from Wolves to Leicester, Arsenal, or Spurs. For me Spurs have got to finish no lower than fifth, I don’t see us getting Champions League but we have got to be breathing down their necks and at the very least be the best of the rest. 

Two Trophies

I think that realistically Spurs should be looking to get both the Europa League and one of the two domestic trophies. Mourinho is known as the winner, a fair assessment, for all of those who hate is style and the fact that he is even at the club, this is what the expectation is. There will be no excuses around transfers as Mourinho knew fine well what he was walking into. This means that Jose will have to gear those players up to believe that they can go out there and win trophies. This is what Spurs need as a club, those players need to bring something home for this team and the truth is that we have the team to do so. if Spurs want to get Champions League football and keep those players, the Europa League is very much the way to do it. 

Big Boys

Finally, I think that Spurs have got to up their game against the league’s big boys, they have got to show that the difference is not that vast. Spurs won’t rack up the points that the other sides will, but they have to be taking points off those teams in the big 6. It goes without saying that at the very least Spurs have got to be looking at becoming the kings of London, beating both Chelsea and Arsenal at least at home. 

I have squared myself with the fact that Champions League football is a little way off yet, but if Spurs can achieve a trophy or two then I will be a happy boy come May. What do you think a realistic expectation is for Spurs this year?

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