Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism – Why You Will Love a Retreat

Love a Retreat

There are many reasons why people take retreats, sometimes they do so for personal reasons, as a team builder with their work, and sometimes even for religious reasons. For Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Sufism is the reason why he takes people for nature retreats, to teach them about many aspects of life and religion. Whilst Dr. Jaffe and those who go on their retreats do so for religious purposes, it is important to remember that no matter who you are or what you believe, a retreat can help you no matter what the circumstances. 

When you do retreat to nature, here are some of the things that you will learn about yourself. 

Nature is a Remedy 

There have been a number of scientific studies into the fact that nature is very much a remedy for so many issues that we all face in our daily lives. The reason is that you get this sense of life’s basic necessities which of course are food, water, and shelter. When things are stripped down to that basic level it really makes us think about things differently. The other aspect of nature which you will feel is that level of calmness, tranquility, and silence. For anyone who lives in a city, getting back in touch with nature is something incredibly refreshing. 

That Pause for Reflection 

Another wonderful aspect of taking a retreat is that you get this ability to pause your life and reflect on what is happening. This is something that doesn’t happen when you are stuck inside your day to day life because you are just in this constant battle, a constant state of flux. When you are able to take a moment, pause, breathe, you will see your life in a completely different way, from a new point of view and from a place of calm. This is going to help you to make decisions, to plan, and also to process emotions. All of these things can be difficult to do when you are stuck inside those daily challenges. 

Emotional Processing 

There is something else that happens when you take time out like this, you get a chance to explore emotions that you would never normally have the time to do. It is always recommended that during your time on a retreat that you abstain from using techs such as cellphones and laptops, and learn how to be without those things in order to focus more on yourself. When you do give yourself that additional focus then you are going to be better equipped to begin exploring emotions that you may not have explored before. i

Ultimately this is your chance to hit the pause button on life, take those stresses and strains, and head back into the natural environment where you can take the time to process emotions and thoughts. This is something that will be absolutely incredible for your mental wellbeing and you will return from your retreat a completely different person. 

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