The Elliptical Machine vs The Rowing Machine: What Is the Best Fit For You?

Elliptical Machine vs The Rowing Machine

There was a period of time when at-home fitness equipment was just so boring.

It usually included an old treadmill or indoor bike, an ugly home gym, and a few free weights. It was never inviting to go work out, and the equipment was large, ugly, hard to put together, and expensive.

In the modern age, fitness equipment for your home has become more user friendly and enjoyable. There are more options to choose from and the prices have become reasonable because of how easy it is to order online from around the world.

Now, that boring treadmill or indoor bike isn’t something you need to purchase and you can find suitable replacements for your cardio work. Insert: the Elliptical Machine and the Rowing Machine!

These two pieces of equipment are a few of my favorite machines to workout on and many people are beginning to realize that their workout doesn’t have to be gruelling and boring.

So, now that you’re ready to switch things up, here’s a little bit about the Elliptical Machine and the Rowing Machine – and what one is the best choice!

The Elliptical Machine

The Elliptical Machine is a piece of equipment that provides a great full-body workout with very low impact. These machines are a more modern, scientific approach to the treadmill and continue to progress every year when the latest models are released.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase your cardio numbers, maintain your level of fitness, or really push yourself to get in as good of shape as possible, the Elliptical Machine really can do it all.

Just jump on, set your level of difficulty, and start pumping your legs up and down. New machines will track your progress and keep you focused on your target goal through innovative digital boards.

The technology inside these machines provides a smooth workout that is easy on the body, enjoyable to do, and doesn’t damage your muscles or ligaments.

The Rowing Machine

The Rowing Machine might be the best example of technology and sport merging into a single piece of equipment. Rowing is a fun activity and hobby that we often do on our nearest river or lake with friends and family on a Saturday afternoon.

Well, a rowing machine allows you to hop on an indoor piece of equipment and do the exact same thing – but without the outdoors and the water.

Rowing provides a great full-body workout – from your arms to your legs – and isn’t too hard on the body. These machines take up more space than the Elliptical, but many machines can be packed away in a smaller form.

With a Rowing Machine, you simply hop on, plant your feet, grab the handles and go.

Another good thing about the Rowing Machine is that it only takes a short amount of time to really provide yourself with a great workout. If you’re new to the Rowing Machine, start light and grow or you’ll find yourself sore and uncomfortable.


Personally, I love both the Elliptical Machine and the Rowing Machine. They are both an enjoyable way to workout, and really leave me feeling like I just participated in a great workout.

Since I don’t specifically know you, I can’t tell you what machine to buy. Each machine has its benefits and is loved by certain people who are focusing on different things for their personal health.

If you are an older person (over 50 years old) and want to focus on your cardio and staying in shape, then the Elliptical Machine is for you. If you use a treadmill but want something with a little more excitement, then this is the machine for you.

If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and want to see bigger developments from your time on an at-home fitness equipment, then a Rowing Machine is for you. They truly are a lot of fun to use and they can help you get in great shape through a short workout.

Either way, you’re doing a good thing for your mind and body. Both of these machines can help you stay in shape and continue with your healthy lifestyle!

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