Everything you need to know about Automated Gas Stations

Automated Gas Stations

For those who are tired of constantly checking their bulk tank gauge and worrying about running out of the fuel, that too at the busiest time of the season, then Automated Gas stations are their ideal solution. They also come as a solution for those who are frustrated by the ever-changing and highly volatile fuel market, whose price keeps fluctuating at a high degree. With the help of the automated fuel delivery system, users are not required to monitor their tank levels or to order their fuel again. These systems not just ensure the right time to fill fuel, but will also ensure that people will have fuel in their tanks when they will need at an excellent price point. 

What is an automated fuel delivery system?

An automated fuel delivery system is one of the fast, convenient gas filling systems that feature the most innovative technology to deter fraud in fuel filling and ensure accuracy at the same time. With the help of these automated fuel delivery systems, users are able to say goodbye to long waits and avoid driver distractions and also eliminate expensive idling time. With the incorporation of an exclusive network of quick fuel automated fueling stations, it is possible to pull in, fill the fuel and be back on the rock in less than eight minutes, according to a research study data. 

With the help of such systems, it is possible to get the diesel exhaust fluid and the gas that one requires on the go. The automated gas stations are spread all over the province and apart from the ease of quick fuel filling, these automated stations also render a lot of other amenities such as automated convenience stores, secure, a clean restroom facility, etc.

Sustainability in automated gas filling systems:

It is known pretty well that during operations and service, trucks spend about 30 minutes of their idling time when they are stopped to refuel at the truck shops or at other retail stations. Automated gas filling stations help to alter this scenario. They create a more sustainable atmosphere for fuel filling. These automated gas stations are positions along the major trucking routes. These closest diesel stations have wide fueling lanes, satellite dispensers, and high speed pumps. All these factors ensure fast fueling and each customer is capable of activating the fuel pump with the help of a dedicated fuel card. 

Fuels offered:

Some of the fuels for vehicles that are offered at these automatic fuel stations are, 

  • VITALIC premium diesel
  • Diesel exhaust fluid
  • Bio-diesel

Amenities at these fuel stations:

  1. Lighting: All of the automatic fuel stations have LED lighting facilities all through the day and night. The average life span of these LED light fixtures is about 20-2 years. Thus, these stations are able to save up to 72,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per station and per year. 
  2. RFID technology:  A very few providers of Automated diesel have incorporated this RFID technology. With the help of this feature, drivers will hold a paper tag that will be scanned by a device on each of the station’s canopy. This allows them to pull up and get filled with fuel immediately. This helps in cutting back idle time and also eliminates the need for using credit cards and plastic fuel cards.
  3. Environment safety: All of the fuel station equipment have to tie up with an online portal that sends immediate alerts to the automated gas station operation team. The team will, in turn, respond immediately at times of emergency to stop potential leaks, accidents and to address other issues.
  4. Paper reduction: After filling their vehicle with fuel, customers have the option to receive their receipts and reports through email and thus they are able to save paper usage substantially. 

Advantages of Automated fuel stations:

Apart from the above amenities using your closest diesel station that is automated has a number of other advantages as well. 

  • Users are free to pay using the card they wish and they accept a majority of third party cards. The national fuel card can be used immediately at the fuel sites, limiting the need for credit checks and eliminating fuel delays.
  • All of the automated fuel stations have high speed dispensers and broad lanes to allow commercial vehicles. Their satellite pumps help to fill up dual tanks simultaneously. 
  • The facilities are open round the clock and 365 days a year and are located on major highways and trucking routes.
  • They have trained and dedicated specialty customer service representatives who are ready to help with billing and fueling hassles round the clock.
  • Most of all the control of fueling is at the hands of the consumer. This way it is possible to deter unauthorized use of fuel.

Wrapping up:

Automated fuel stations automate the entire process. All the transaction data are available online for customer access and one can access the same through the online portal. 

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