Everything You Need To Know About Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you are a newbie to Cannabis, dry herb vaporizers seem to be just the right choice for your vaping. By reading this article, you will be able to understand what dry the waves are, how they work, and how you can properly use them

It is not similar to the concentrate vapers but is very easy and uncomplicated for Cannabis vaping. The primary purpose of these dry herb vaporizers is to be used by the Herbs only while letting you enjoy the benefits of smoking Cannabis. It does not include any smoke.

Dry Herb Vaporizer:

The process inside the vaporizer is kind of different because it combusts the cannabinoids and terpenes only by heating and evaporating. As the name is already clarifying, these vaporizers are simply designed to make your vaporizing of unprocessed flowers easy.

How do they work?

Generally, vaporizers are or can be a combination of conduction and convection for turning the terpenes and cannabinoids into vapor. 

Conduction vaporizers directly transfer the heat to your weed. It is similar to the pan directly heating the food in it. 

In contrast, Convection vaporizers work more like an oven, i.e., the heat surrounds your weed. This makes the compound inside to evaporate (without combusting).

Different parts of dry herb vape:

  • Battery 

The portable vaporizer needs a battery for its operation; however, the latest vapes consist of lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable.

  • Chamber 

It is the space to place your herb’s in the vapor using ceramic Chambers because of their fast heating, retaining, and maintaining the flavor of your weed.

  • Mouthpiece 

It is from where you can draw the vapor into your mouth from the chamber. There is a wide variety in the mouthpieces of vapors. Choose something that is most comfortable for inhaling.

Ways to Use:

There is not a single method to use the vape because different models have different steps to be followed however dry herb vaporizer is not that hard to use

  • There is a manual given with your vape, do give it a read before you start, because it might have the specific instructions that need to be followed. 
  • Meanwhile, you read your manual, charge your vapor. There may be a USB charger along with it, or for better charging to your Lithium battery, it is always important to charge it with an appropriate wall adaptor.
  • The ‘Burn-off’ is a significant step to be followed, and it might not be included in your instruction manual. However, it is essential to clean the Chamber of your vape as it might have any of the residues. Also, turn on the heat and set at the highest setting and clear the spacing.
  • While preparing your vape, it is advisable not to add big parts of the flower because they do not vaporize properly. Finely grind your weed to a medium consistency. 
  • Fix your chamber according to the instructions on your vape’s manual. Also, do not overpack your chamber as it might disturb the functioning of the vaporizer.
  • Better to initial with the lowest temperature and then select the suitable temperature, once you know your vape has appropriately preheated. It is now time to inhale it and enjoy it!