Fantasy Cricket: Are you interested in trying your luck?

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket games have become a trend nowadays. If you are a cricket fan and regularly watching fantasy league cricket tips, then you might be possessing a sound knowledge of this game. Then you are the most eligible to participate in the fantasy cricket and win a good amount of cash daily. However, there is no limit as to how much you can win in Icc fantasy league cricket. 

Mentioned below are few things which need to be kept in mind:

Selection of players 

  • The careful selection of players for a virtual team is most vital in fantasy games. Your winning odds are entirely dependent upon selecting the final playing 11 players intelligently. It is not similar to a betting game bit a virtual game that is being played with your brainpower.
  • You should carefully assess and review the previous performances of your favorite players first. This will enable you to provide a proper place in your team judiciously. But it is often recommended to avoid picking most of your favorites in your team as sometimes high performers fail and low performers win.
  • You should make optimum utilization of the statistics provided by famous fantasy sites for previous games, the number percentage of people selecting the particular player and the number of people selecting the player as a captain, and subsequently the top players.

Weather conditions 

  • The weather has never been predicted accurately and often differs widely. However, to get hold of the pitch conditions well in advance can always help in counterbalancing the effects of this uneven variable when playing fantasy cricket.
  • Bad weather can limit the total number of misusing the Duckworth Lewis process and bring down the set target.

Understand the points system

  • It has been seen that every fantasy app is having a different points system. Some of them give preference to the batsman while some bowlers. Hence, there is a need to first understand the point system correctly.
  • The best way is to choose an online unbiased application.

Choosing captain and vice-captain

  • It is very critical to select a captain and the vice-captain. It is very important as they can get you maximum points.
  • The captain can help you obtain at least 2X points and the vice-captain 1.5X points. If these two players are exploited in the best possible and most efficient manner, then you can win a huge amount of money.

Refer & Earn 

  • Most of the fantasy apps have some kind of referral system in effect. You should wisely use this to earn a bonus in your wallet.
  • You will get free money as soon as your friends/relatives join the app and start playing. This is the best way to receive money without playing fantasy games.


There is no fixed strategy or formula to take full advantage of your chances of winning. It depends entirely upon the skills of your prediction. If you right guess the winning team and the performance of players in the real live match you can earn a huge amount of money.

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