Five Benefits of Using Steel Bollards

Five Benefits of Using Steel Bollards

Steel bollards are sometimes also referred to as fixed bollards. They are used for the purpose of lining entrances to stores and providing access to sidewalks. 

Fixed or steel bollards are made to get the attention of drivers, specifically to avoid collisions within certain areas. You almost always see steel bollards whenever you walk or drive around.

Steel bollards have three types – collapsible, fixed, and removable. Every type provides protection from possible collisions.

How Tall should Steel Bollards be?

The size of steel bollards is a major factor in their capacity to provide protection and security. But then again, they should not be so tall that they already become an eyesore to your property’s visual appeal. Fixed bollards don’t have to be too tall to function well, as long as they are of good quality and are properly installed. 

Aside from delivering good stopping power, steel bollards must also be very visible. If a motorist does not see steel bollards because they are too short, he may accidentally attempt to drive past them. As a result, he could not only damage his vehicle but also harm himself as well as nearby pedestrians. 

Where should Steel Bollards be Placed?

. On the sidewalks

The purpose of using steel bollards is to provide protection. They are placed along the sidewalks to provide assistance to those who have visual problems.

. Outside or around commercial establishments

Removable or fixed bollards can be seen outside of banks or around ATM machines. They are usually placed in front of banks and close to ATM machines to keep cars from making inroads and to protect people from security breaches. To make steel bollards more visually appealing, people add decorative pieces to them. But what cannot be seen is the solid piece of fixed metal whose main function is to prevent burglars from breaking and entering.

. On the streets

Fixed bollards are used to help manage the flow of everyday traffic. When they are used to manage the traffic of vehicles as well as pedestrians, the likelihood of having injuries due to road traffic accidents can be significantly decreased.

How do You Attach Steel Bollards to Existing Concrete?

Steel bollards can be installed into existing concrete to function as a protective and traffic guidance tool. In addition, decorative covers can be set above the steel bollards after installation for the purpose of enhancing them aesthetically.

When a steel bollard is ready to be installed to existing concrete, first, remove its protective packaging. Then set the steel bollard above the hole and into the concrete while at the same time turning and pushing it down. Continue this process until the steel bollard reaches the end of the hole.

Keep in mind, though, that the purpose of installing steel bollards to existing concrete is to provide impact resistance. That is why certain requirements for resistance must be dealt with by an engineer to make sure that steel bollards will be able to withstand a strong impact. 

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