Here Are the BJJ Submissions Every Beginner Should Know

BJJ Submissions

If you have finally decided to practice BJJ then congratulations and welcome to the BJJ world. But the journey has just begun and there is too much to learn. By narrowing down your focus you can learn fast and better. Submissions are an important and major part of BJJ. Thus, learning the following basics, you will be able to excel better. These will help you understand the BJJ better and are important for self-defense. Get your BJJ GIs on and let’s get started.


Armbar is effective and versatile. You can use this to attack and defend both from several positions. Starting from the armbar you will have help understanding the basics of BJJ and BJJ submissions. You will most likely be practicing armbar from guard in initial BJJ classes because it is important. The other one namely armbar from mount will come later on. Armbar teaches the importance of control and positioning. After mastering this submission, you can start to bring in some change in positions like side and back. 

Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is very useful for self-defense too. But do it wrong and you put yourself in trouble. Thus, it is best to learn it properly. Here you will learn to attach and defend yourself properly. You also get to know how the chokes work thus how to make it effective. Believe me, it is not as simple as it seems. The knowledge will also help you with techniques like arm-triangle, Ezekiel chokes, etc.

This will help you get the advantage of one little mistake from the opponent. Applying pressure on carotid arteries and finishing the submission quickly. Conversely, you also learn not to make the same mistake thus play the guard safely. This will reduce submissions you could be caught in.

Rear naked choke

This one should also be mastered at the early stages of your BJJ training. Attacking from the back gives you an advantage over the opponent and a chance to end or win the fight. But you have to know how to do it properly. This is such a powerful choke that you can end an opponent bigger and stronger than you. 

Mastering this choke involves mastering control over the opponent. Meaning you first have to learn the armbar, which teaches control. Without controlling the opponent first this one can be turned against you. 


Kimura is an important and one of the basic armlocks one must learn. I have always wondered why would one tap out if the opponent is just holding your arm. If you also think alike then training for this one will surely let you know why so. 

Don’t tap out on time and your shoulder will tear up. As this is performed from the bottom guard you know how to turn the positions into your advantage. Rise and end or win the game right there and then. 


Americana is another arm lock in BJJ. This armlock move is practiced from the side and mount position. Here the arm is twisted in the opposite direction from the kimura lock. From either side control or mount position, you would have to grab the opponent’s wrist with one of your hands then slide your other arm underneath the opponent’s arm. Grab your wrist to make the lock stable and put pressure. This is all, now you should start twisting the opponent’s arm it should not go. 

Warping up

Work on your basics and master them. Get all the martial arts gear and apparel you need at Elite Sports. These will help you become better and be good at what you do later on. Practice then practice more and keep on doing it until you can do them in your sleep. If you become good at these basic submissions then raise in your quality and level is assured. 

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