How Android Spying App Works for Non-Rooted Cell Phones

How Android Spying App Works for Non-Rooted Cell Phones

Have you ever used a cell phone spy app to remotely monitor an android device? The Android spying app enables the user to keep track of activities performed on a mobile phone or tablet running the Android operating system. Parents and employers can make use of the app to supervise the digital behavior of children and workers with an aim to prevent them from wrongdoings and ensure their protection. The perks of an android surveillance app are innumerable. However, the biggest con of these apps is that they support rooted Android devices. 

If you want to get an android device installed with a spy app you need to root the device first. The risks attached to rooting are known to everyone. No matter how expensive the smartphone you or your loved ones are using, you need to take the risk of rooting to get that phone installed with a third party spy app. Fortunately, there is a monitoring solution that works on non-rooted android devices as well. Read on to know how you can remotely monitor an android device without rooting.

Rooting of Android Phones

Rooting is the process to bypass the security restrictions of the manufacturer. The rooting of android phones gives more control to the user and allows installing third-party apps. The manufacturers of smartphone do not take responsibility for any damage occurred during the rooting process. It voids the phone warranty and makes it vulnerable to threats and viruses. Unfortunately, the spy apps for android phones want the user to root the device first to get it installed with third-party software. 

Spying App for Non-Rooted Cell Phones

If you do not want to take risk of rooting, you can make use of TheOneSpy android monitoring solution for unrooted mobile phones and tablets. The app offers all conventional features of spying to remotely track and control an android device without rooting. We have discussed here the core features of the surveillance software that allow tracking an unrooted android mobile phone or tablet.

Monitor Messages

Are you concerned about the online and offline chats of your kids? Your teenage might be exchanging sexts or sexually explicit messages with a predator. It is important to keep an eye on the conversations of children to protect them from potential threats. The spy app for non-rooted cell phones provides access to incoming and outgoing messages of your kids. It includes text messages, MMS and instant messages. The app also provides contact detail of message senders and receivers.

Call Recording

TheOneSpy monitoring software tracks phone calls received and made by your target. It automatically records incoming and outgoing calls. You can access these recorded calls via the web portal of the spyware app. 

Track Call Logs

The Android surveillance app for non-rooted cell phones provides detail of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The call logs also provide contact detail of callers and recipients.   

Manage Contacts

The surveillance app lets you sneak into the contact list of the targeted phone. By logging into the online portal you can see name and phone number of every contact stored on the device. The parental control app also allows for managing Phonebook without physical access. You can make additions and deletions from the contact list right from the web portal. 

Retrieve Media Files

The photos and videos stored on the targeted device get automatically uploaded to the online portal of the spying app for the non-rooted phones. It lets you retrieve photos and videos that have been deleted from the target device. 

GPS Location Finder

Using the parental control app for non-rooted Android devices, you can find out the whereabouts of your children. The app shows the current GPS location of the monitored device. It also provides detail of the locations visited. The app notifies you about your kid’s entrance and departure from unsafe or specified locations.

Remote Control Apps

The parental control app allows managing the screen time of children. Parents can block their kids’ access to age-inappropriate and engaging apps. The apps can be blocked, unblocked or uninstalled from the target phone without access. 

The spying app for non-rooted Android smartphones offers more ways to monitor and operate a device. Click here to know more about the android monitoring solution.

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