How PKI is used in Cyber Security?

Cyber Security

The act of being a cybercriminal is like the go-to job for every criminal available online. The processes of encryption are like scrambling of some information that is readily available. It is a well-equipped stand-alone process that helps to safeguard the content that is present.  

But the encryption is typically formed on documents and messages which causes a prelude to the transmission process. The person who receives the message must be well aware of the message that is being sent in encrypted form if the receiver fails to decode then the value of the sender is questioned. 

There is a certain purpose for which the encrypted codes are sent and received in encrypted form because only then the security remains intact. 

Public Key Encryption 

In every PKI as you know that there are 2 types of key one is the private key and the other is the public key. The public key as the name suggests, is used by the outsiders to send information from one party to another in an encrypted format. The keys are used to lock and unlock the data that is transferred or transmitted, for asymmetric encryption a single key is used for this purpose solely. There is a secret between the two communicating parties who use this method of messaging. 

But if we think very practically then such encryption could include more than two parties into this factor, in which case it becomes important that the public key gets transmitted over the networks. This is how the asymmetric encryption comes into the picture and it becomes noticeable. 

Hence, it is a better idea to use two different keys to encrypt and decrypt the message. The private key is held only by the owner whereas the public key is visible to everyone. The public key is distributed in order to receive everything using the public key. 

The messages which are sent are encrypted with the public key and they are decoded by the owners using their personal private key. These keys are also used to create the digital signatures of the owners and make the keys easily available. 

Luckily we already know that the PKI uses a combination of symmetric and asymmetric processes. It is an initial handshake between commuting parties, they use the asymmetric encryption to protect the key and it is encrypted to enable the symmetric encryption in it. 

What is Digital Certificates?

The vital subject to PKI operation is the digital certificate, it is very interesting to know that each of the certificates acts as an “electronic fingerprint” of a digital transaction. It also helps to give a unique identity to each of the key pair. 

What is the Certificate database? 

The certificate database saves all the certificates received and even if they are received with CA and RA. 

What is a Certificate Store?

A certificate store typically remains on any local computer and it also acts as storage for any typically encrypted private keys and certificates issued. The certificates which are pending and are rejected are also stored there locally. 

A collection of security credentials in a local system is stored in a “wallet.” The credentials which are used in it may include the public or private key credentials or the trusted certificates, user certificates, and certificate chains. 


PKI technology is the smart technology that is also used in smart logins through smart cards. The authentication could be done using the SSL system. The other facilities include encryption of documents and other materials. The overall objective of the PKI is to keep everything secure on the internet to avoid cybercrime. 

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