How to Build a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Data is everything these days. Without data analysis, no business can succeed. For digital marketing, data helps a lot. It can help reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the business, especially in regards to marketing. A data-driven marketing strategy will boost online popularity. The company should be smart in using data to its advantage. 

Create a team

Before data analysis can commence, there should be a strong team that will analyze the data. It shouldn’t only be a couple of IT guys who probably understand what the data means. It can also involve people in sales, marketing, and product development. They might not interpret the data outright, but they can have unique insights. Determining the next steps would be easier when various perspectives come into play. It also feels good if the company succeeds because of the team effort. 

Determine the goals 

What does the company want to achieve? The data can provide significant information, but the next step is to determine what to do with the data. Even data collection will depend on the company’s goals. There’s no point in collecting information that will be of no value to the team. 

Gather relevant data 

The following information would help target competitors, market, social media analytics, and customer data in gathering data. With the data collected, the company can learn about the issues that need immediate resolution. Common complaints and problems could also be a part of the data. It’s crucial to use the correct methodology since the data could be misleading. 

Take action to improve digital marketing and more 

Based on the collected information, the company can take several steps to improve digital marketing. Here are some of them: 

  • Refine content. The data can tell if people enjoyed reading the information found on the website and social media pages. If the results reveal issues, there should be changes in the content. Engaging content should be the priority. There might even be a need to move the focus from written texts to videos. As long as the content is appealing to the target audiences, it’s good enough. 
  • Change the brand. Sure, it’s not a good thing to change the brand in the middle of the game. It’s rare for companies to shift focus in terms of branding. However, if data reveals that the company’s branding is too weak, it doesn’t make sense to keep using it. Worse, people don’t even understand what the business is about. If the branding strategy doesn’t do what it should, changes should happen. 
  • Remove hurdles. What are the issues that make it difficult for people to buy items? Is the website difficult to navigate? Is the information page for buying products too long and detailed? The data will reveal the most common problems customers face, and the next step should be their removal. 
  • Use other marketing channels. Another issue that the data will reveal is the marketing platform. If the current platform used doesn’t increase online sales, there should be a shift in focus. Other channels might be more suitable. The goal is to spread the word about the business. There’s nothing wrong with exploring more channels. 
  • Overhaul the website. The problem could also be with web design. The page looks terrible. If not, it’s unresponsive or difficult to navigate. These issues will affect how people use the site or even how they view the business. Changes should happen. Web design experts can analyze the problem and suggest solutions. It could be the aesthetic appeal, or it could also be the functionality of the page. If major changes need to happen, it’s understandable. The results will make people feel more interested in exploring more. 
  • Create better products. The result of the data collection might reveal the issues with the products sold. Apart from digital marketing strategies, there could also be problems with what the company offers. Therefore, even if the marketing approach was effective, the overall profit remains low. With new and improved products, the results would be better. 
  • Experiment on something new. The current strategies might be insufficient. Data will tell if they’re not good enough. It might be time for the company to explore something new. For instance, the use of social media influencers can help in improving the company’s online presence. They have a wide reach. They can tell their followers which products to buy, and they will most likely follow the advice. Imagine the Kardashians. A single tweet from these huge influencers can drastically reshape a business. Using these influencers as a partner, moving forward can be helpful in the effort to market the company. As long as they’re the right people and they’re relevant to the company’s brand, it’s okay to work with them. Besides, if data shows that they’re helpful, these influencers should be considered. 

Once isn’t enough

After gathering the data and taking the necessary steps, the process should happen all over again. The next step is to test if the changes made were effective. If not, it’s important to go collect new data and analyze the sets of issues again. Data can help conclude, but there can be new conclusions formed based on the latest data gathered. 

Data is useful in any field. Some people even compare it to coal. There was a time when people refer to it as the “black gold.” People got rich because of this industry. Today, everything is about data. When there’s enough data, it’s easier to develop a successful marketing strategy to boost a business. Not everyone understands the value of data analysis. Not even many people know how to get the job done.

The good thing is that with experts like the Minneapolis Digital Marketing company, the business will improve. New strategies could get employed to help boost the company. Check if this partnership will go a long way, and if their data analysis expertise can make the business more popular online. There’s nothing wrong with spending money if it ensures quality results. 

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