How To Get A Copy Of The Lost Deeds To The House?

Lost Deeds

When there has been a loss of the deed to the house, there are several ways to request a copy:

  • If the notary who signed the deed is known, as well as the protocol number and the date, we will go to him to provide you with a copy.
  • If the name of the notary who signed the deed is not known. You will have to go to the registry and request a plain copy. The notary’s data appears there so that you can request the copy signed by him.
  • If the home was not registered in the Registry and the notary’s office where the signature was made is not remembered, it will be very difficult for you to get a copy.

If The Notary Currently Practices

If you want to get a copy of the lost deed, the normal thing would be to go to the notary where the property was registered so that they can give you an authorized copy. 

The authorized copy will bear the signature of the notary. As you can see, it is a very simple procedure. It will cost you around three euros per page. 

If the entire document has more than twelve pages, half will be charged from number twelve.

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If The Notary No Longer Practices

Imagine that the notary who registered your house has died or has retired. Do not worry, you can go to the General File of Notarial Protocols that will attend to your case there because they keep all the files with more than 25 years old and less than 100. 

Each autonomy has its notarial college and in turn, they are divided into notarial districts. In each district you will find a General File of Notarial Protocols. 

And, as we mentioned above, if you do not know the notary who signed the deed, just go to the Registry to be told the name of the notary who signed the deeds of your house and you can request a copy signed by him.

Necessary Documentation

You already know that to request a copy of the deed of your home you have to go to the notary where the deed was signed. 

If you find yourself in the situation of loss of the deeds of your house, take note of the documentation that you are going to be asked to play insurance:

  • The DNI.
  • The date of writing.
  • The notary who authorized it.

If it were the case that you had to get a copy of the lost deed of an inheritance, these will be the documents that you must bring:

  • The death certificate
  • General Registry of Last Will Acts of the person who has died.

If you do it online you will have to present the electronic signature of the notary. 

In the event that it is carried out by mail, the legitimate signature of the notary must be submitted in writing.

Now you know everything you will need to present and where you have to go if one day you lose the deeds of your house.

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