How To Prepare For Pest Control Treatment

How To Prepare For Pest Control Treatment

Pest control treatment has several benefits. The most important is that it protects the family from any disease that may be carried by these pests such as cockroaches, spiders, fleas, and mosquitos. Read ahead now to know how to prepare for a pest control treatment. 

Things to keep in mind before pest control

  • Keep pets away: Pets are nothing less than family members. But, they are susceptible to the poisonous chemicals that are used during pest control. They must be kept out of the house. Since they are so sensitive, even after the pest control is over, they should not be taken in before 24 hours. You can keep them at a friend’s place, at your relative’s or at your neighbor’s place, who lives a few buildings away. 
  • Children’s toys should be kept away: Children’s toys should be secured inboxes. And, they must be washed thoroughly after the pest control is over. It is essential to keep them clean. Children don’t even realize it and often put toys in their mouths. The poisonous chemicals can prove to be deadly. You should invest in cleaners and soaps that are anti-septic and kill germs. Many such washing soaps are available in the market. 
  • Kitchen counters should be covered: When you know that pest control is going to happen, you should cover all the kitchen counters and places where food is kept. Post the treatment, and you must wash the kitchen counters and utensils. Food inherently draws pests. Thus, there should be a thorough check of the kitchen slabs, cupboards, and food storage areas for pests.
  • Keep out for at least 3 hours: After the pest control treatment is done successfully, you must stay out of the house for at least 3 hours. This is why you must make preparations to go somewhere. You can play a day out with your family and leave the task to the professionals. It will be great to take time off your heavy schedule and spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Avoid wet mopping: Last but not least, avoid wet mopping. For at least 24 hours post-treatment, you should not use a wet mop to clean the floor. You should use a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the wet mopping will remove the protection, and the entire process of pest control will go in vain. In case you have any nanny or domestic help at home, they should also be given the necessary instructions. There are many cheap vacuum cleaners available in the market. 

These are some precautions to take for the in-door pest control treatment. There are many other things in mind, such as keeping the curtains open, but the windows closed and covering the bay’s bed. That should also be cleaned well later. You can definitely allow ventilation in the house by opening the windows after three to four hours of the pest control. The health of your loved ones is very important, and you should not compromise with it at any cost.

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