IIT JEE Study Plan

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That Actually Works – Becoming Better Performers

IIT JEE  is one of the most popular and prominent engineering entrance exams in India. Every year lakhs of students register for the exam with one main goal, to clear the test and land a seat in some of the prestigious institutions such as IITs and NITs amongst others in the country. However, JEE is a challenging exam and it is not easy to crack. The competition is intense and the success ratio is low. Against such a backdrop, one of the main concerns of engineering aspirants in India is how to prepare effectively for the JEE Main exam. They are constantly seeking guidance and are on a quest to find the right preparation tips and study techniques. This is an important part as preparing well will enable them to not only stay ahead in the competition but they will be able to tackle difficult questions and clear the exam. 

Therefore, students need to develop a proper study plan considering all the important factors related to the exam. Some of them include going through the JEE syllabus, knowing the exam pattern, using proper study materials amongst others. Besides, when students devise a strong preparation strategy, they will be able to perform excellently in the exam. 

Having said that, if you are a JEE aspirant and are looking for ways to improve your learning then this article is for you. Here you will find and get to know some of the effective preparation tips or study plans for clearing JEE 2020

Time Is Of The Essence

You must have often heard the phrase “time is money”. Well, it stands true for JEE preparation. You should manage your time properly and avoid wasting it on useless or unproductive activities. Besides, the JEE syllabus is vast and you need to start preparing early for the exam. Therefore, you should carefully analyze how you are using or spending your valuable time and then develop a well-organized timetable for studying. You should stick to it and try to cover the whole syllabus days before the exams. Make sure to have enough time for conducting revisions as well. 

Keep The Syllabus At Hand

JEE syllabus is an important piece of document and you should go through it thoroughly. Do not ignore the syllabus but you should read it at least once. It will act as a guide and help you acquire a lot of valuable insights regarding the exam. You will gain insight into the important topics, entire course objectives, exam pattern, and other important details. Once you are aware of these things you will be able to develop a proper study plan.

Know The Exam And Question Pattern

As you start your JEE preparations, you should get a good understanding of the exam pattern. Learn about the mode of the examination along with the question paper format. JEE Main is usually held online in a computer-based mode. Alternatively, you can get a hold of the question papers and attempt mock tests to further learn about the JEE question paper format including types of questions, marking scheme, duration of the exam and other details. On the other hand, mock tests will help you get a clear picture of the exam setup or a feel of the real exam scenario. With all these, you can prepare productively.

Follow You Own Study Method

If we look at the world, every individual is different from each other in terms of physical appearance and other aspects. Likewise, every JEE candidate is also unique and they have their own set of cognitive capabilities and studying skills. What we are trying to say is that you have to realize that copying others and imitating their strategies will not be beneficial. You should develop your own preparation method and study in a way that is best suitable for you. You can study at your own pace and style. 

These are some essential tips that you can keep in mind while preparing for JEE.