Jewelry Items that Give Men an Added Edge

men’s wedding rings

Men, we know the hardships you’ve gone through all these years with nothing much to add to your jewelry collection. In fact, we doubt you had one. While women have had loads of items to adorn their ears, their hands, their feet, and more, you have had to make do with a simple men’s wedding ring. But not anymore! Changing times call for changing measures and we’re here to help you set up your very own jewelry collection for all the times you wish to look your most dashing self. 

So, here’s a list of jewelry items to give all of the men out there an added edge!


You may not wear a formal shirt or tuxedo every day but when you do, do it with elan. The right cufflinks can give you a sophisticated edge over others and seem impressive without trying! You can try various styles and shapes or cufflinks in carrying metals to give your outfit an elegant feel. Be it a wedding or a formal function, you are sure to catch people’s eye with some stylish cufflinks.


Wearing a tie is a big deal for many. And a tie-clip is sure to make the occasion even more worthy. These tie-clips come in various styles to give you something that suits your personality. You can try funky ones to match your funky self or go for ones that are better suited for a formal event.

Sturdy rings

How can we forget rings among the array of jewelry options? While all of the other items may be optional, rings are sure to make their presence felt in the lives of men at some point in their lives. Engagement rings and men’s wedding rings are certainly the most common item in the list of jewelry men own throughout their lifetime. But unlike the days of old where a simple band was all men could choose, there is now a much larger selection to choose from with varying designs and more. With rings available in a number of metals and elements, one can choose a ring that is reflective of their personalities and preferences.


Not really jewelry but no less than one. The right watch on your wrist can make a great deal of difference in the environment you’re in. From digital watches to metallic ones, you can flaunt a new style with different outfits and for different occasions, keeping the overall ensemble of the day in mind. Whether you’re at work, attending a business meeting, hosting a party, or even getting married, a watch can make you seem more save if you’ve chosen the right one for you.


Here’s another little option to wear for formal events. Perfect to add to your tuxedo, or even a traditional outfit, brooches can make a great impression if you choose the apt one for the right occasion. Stylish ones that aren’t too garish are the perfect choice to opt for, irrespective of the outfit you have on. For those with simple choices, elegant designs are sure to be ideal.


Apart from watches, another item that beautifully graces your wrist and gives it a sophisticated look and feels is a metal bracelet. Different from the dainty ones women are known to adorn, these are sturdy and sure to complement every outfit you wear and for all occasions too! These can be simple metal bracelets or ones studded with diamonds. You can also try chain-like bracelets, beaded ones, or more depending on your choice and attire.

Ear studs

Yes, we’re talking ear studs! And no, they aren’t just an accessory worn by women anymore. Guaranteed to give you an edgy look, ear studs have become a popular phenomenon among men who find flaunting it easy for every occasion. You can choose metals, stones, and much more to flaunt, depending on the occasion or the event. On a normal day, you can opt for a simple metal stud to pull off a classy yet casual look.

Neck chains

Neck chains, like studs, are something you can pull off on a daily basis. These can be long or short, metallic or beaded, and can be pulled off with any attire you desire. No matter the occasion, you can find a trendy neck chain to flaunt with your ensemble. What’s more? You needn’t wait for an event to wear a neck chain. You can simply wear casual one every day if that’s what you like! One can even try adding a meaningful pendant to the chain to give it a personal touch while still keeping it stylish!

With changing times, the kinds of jewelry men can flaunt have evolved too. So, if you’re unsure of what you must add to your collection, make sure you keep all of these options in mind to stay classy, stylish, and a fashion-goal!

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