Keep Yourself Safe from Germs When Working Out

Germs When Working Out

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, worldwide many fitness enthusiasts are concerned either or not should they be doing to the gym, dojos, etc. while many are still going to the gym, if it is open, you should take precautionary measures to keep yourself safe and healthy. While the workouts strengthen your immune system but being ignorant of cleanliness can cause severe damage. Working out at home is a safer option. However, if you decide to continue with the old routine following are the ways to keep yourself safe from germs. 

Switch to the first time 

Be the first one to go and get out of the gym when it is almost empty will prevent contact with people. There will be fewer people spreading germs all over the equipment. But still, you should take the following precautionary measure too. 

Cover your cuts and wounds

Besides the mouth, ears, eyes, and nose germs can directly enter the body from cuts and wounds. When you are working in the area which is full of it, it is best to cover them up properly. Put on a bandage and make sure it not exposed from any corners, not even a little. Most importantly don’t touch no matter how hard it itches. Even if you are wearing rash guards and GI the wounds should be bandaged as sweat carrying the germs can slip through the clothes onto the wound. Check out other martial arts gear and apparel at Elite Sports.

Be sensible 

It is not just the equipment where the germs could be waiting for you. Lobby, counters floors, mats, water fountains, restrooms, even showers can contain germs. Most of the gyms aren’t cleaned to make it pure and free of such germs. Avoid getting in contact with germs however and whenever you can. Clean the equipment with a wipe before using it. Beware of the placed that aren’t clean and try to avoid contact. 

Using the towel

Don’t share your towel, don’t use dirty towels, try carrying your own, and wash it properly after every session. Don’t put your towel on the equipment or any other place that would be dirty and contains germs. 

Don’t touch your face

We often touch our face which is one of the main sources of germ transfer directly. You might not want to clean every single piece of equipment and every inch of it. If so, you will only be cleaning the gym and not working out. So not touching your face i.e. Mouth, ears, eyes, and nose is the best possible way to keep the germs from entering the body. This method is easier and simple. All you have to do is avoid touching these body parts and get a shower as you get home. 

Wash up

While there are locker rooms and baths in most the gyms but I don’t recommend it. These places have an equal number of germs and people can be ignorant there. When someone’s body touches yours, the germs are transferred. Thus, I recommend getting home as soon as you can and get a bath. Not just standing under the water for a few minutes. Wash with antiseptic soap. 

Hot tubs and sauna baths

Unless the water is boiled you should avoid getting in there. The bacteria could still be living in the place you are about to sit. Until the coast is clear to avoid such places. Don’t go to crowded places whether it is a gym or some party. Cover your face when you sneeze, stay about three feet apart from people, and wash your face and hands. Don’t use the GI, spats, rash guards, hand wraps etc. without washing them.