Setting Up Your WordPress Site With cPanel Web Hosting: Know the Steps

Setting Up Your WordPress Site With cPanel

WordPress is one of the good ways to set up your website or blog. It is fast, easy to use, ensures web security, and has some really amazing features. However, what if WordPress gets integrated with cPanel Web Hosting, which is the most widely used Web Hosting format, and is itself of immense benefits. Won’t it be amazing?

In this article, we explain to you the detailed step-by-step procedure using which you can set up your WordPress site using cPanel Web Hosting. Let’s start. 

Step #1 Choosing a Web Hosting Service 

The first step towards success on WordPress is to choose a good web hosting service provider for your site. A good host is the one that offers guaranteed uptime for your site, ensures fast loading speed, and has excellent customer support. In addition, good web hosting ensures web security for your WordPress site, something which is very critical in today’s times. 

However, choosing a good hosting provider is not as easy as it appears. The digital space today is filled with a countless number of service providers, with varied plans and alluring offerings. It is important that you are able to skim through these options efficiently and end up making a wise choice. For this, start by shortlisting the service providers based on their pros and cons. 

The web security features of the hosting and customer support service will be two of the most important factors that should derive your decision. Further, it is important that you calculate the value for money for each of these services, and choose the one with the maximum return on investment. 

Step #2 Setting up the Hosting Account

Merely choosing a good hosting platform for your WordPress site is not enough. It is equally important to properly set up your hosting account in such a way that the web security of your website is also not compromised. 

First of all, you will have to create a domain for your new site. This can be anything, but it is desirable to choose a domain name that is similar to the name of your company/blog/website subject. Once you have decided upon a domain name, you are finally ready to set up your account. 

There will be a number of WordPress hosting options and packages available to you. As per your need, you can choose the best option out of these. However, keep in mind the web security features while choosing the web hosting plan. After selecting the plan, you need to enter the required information and make the payment. In no time, the link for the next steps, including setting up cPanel, will be sent into your inbox. 

Step #3 Setting up cPanel and Installing WordPress

Cpanel can be accessed instantly through the link shared with you by the hosting provider, in your email. You can also save the link for your preference. On clicking on the link, you will be automatically logged in to your cPanel account, and you will be able to view a number of options and buttons to access a variety of functionalities. 

The first thing that needs to be done after logging into the cPanel account is to install WordPress for your website. cPanel offers you two different ways to install WordPress, both equally safe from a web-security point of view. You can install WordPress manually, or through the automatic installation feature. 

Here we show you how you can use the automatic installation feature to install WordPress through cPanel. It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is open the cPanel dashboard, locate the ‘Install WordPress’ button, and click on it! WordPress will be downloaded and enabled for your website automatically, in no time. 

Further, you will receive a WordPress login link and the login credentials in your email. You can use this link to access the login page and enter your credentials there to open your WordPress admin portal from here, you can start the journey of setting up and designing your web pages! 

Step #4 Designing the WordPress Site

Designing a website using WordPress is easy, and you can do many things through it. The first step generally is to select a theme for the site. WordPress comes with a number of pre-installed themes that you can activate and apply to your website. However, you can also search the internet for a wide variety of both free and paid WordPress themes, and install the most suitable ones for your website. 

Next, you need to customize the theme for your website by making basic and advanced customizations like setting up the site name, heading, slideshows, footers, social media handles, primary menu, widgets, and more. Once you are done with basic customizations, now its time to start adding pages to your site and make it interactive by installing plugins. 

However, in doing all of this, it is important to avoid any settings or installations that can compromise the web security of your site. 


Setting up your WordPress site with cPanel web hosting is no rocket science. If you are equipped with this knowledge and diligently follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to set up your WordPress site in a matter of a few minutes. We wish you all the best for your online endeavors! 

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