The ultimate solution for staining in the deck for creating beautiful and long-lasting timber surfaces

staining in the deck

Staining in the deck is natural when it is exposed to harsh conditions such as rain, sunlight, spills of tomato sauce or red wine, etc. In such a condition, it is very essential to coat the deck so that it looks better as well as it can be protected against the attack of wind or rain. However, staining can be of various types and it is certainly not easy for the customer to determine which type of deck staining will be the best for that situation. 

In the market, you will get a huge variety of coating for bringing the old deck back to life as well as protect the new deck from any kind of adverse condition. Actually, you should coat your deck from time to time for maintaining the quality and looks of the natural wood grain of any wooden surface. It becomes more important for the people who have built a new patio timber deck at their home or those who are looking to restore their existing deck around their home. Applying proper coating on the deck certainly creates a long-lasting professional finish and makes it more beautiful than it was ever before.

How to choose the best coating for protecting your deck from stain?

Timber deck certainly adds a special touch of rustic charm on your home but you must not forget that over time it will lose its beauty as it will expose to many harsh conditions such as extreme weather, mildew, or wear and tear. The best thing that you can do during such a condition is to apply deck stain on your timber deck which will certainly bring back its original looks. The best thing is that you can use it on both treated as well as untreated softwood and hardwood timber such as pinewood, redwood, walnut, mahogany, etc. You can also use it on the exterior wooden surface for example outdoor furniture, fences, siding, etc. 

Now the biggest problem is that you will find a lot of brands that sell it and every brand claim to be the best and this makes the customer confuse about which one to buy and which not.  Thus before you purchase it you must know how to choose it that will certainly protect your deck from stain. Hence, we have come up with every detail that you must check before purchasing it. The following are those essential factors that you must consider before you buy it:

  • Types: Basically there are two types of deck stain and they are – oil-based and water-based. 

In oil-based one, you will get natural or synthetic oil, for example, rosewood oil, and paraffin oil linseed oil are present in this coating. Oil-based one is easy to apply and maintain and it is observed that it last for 1 to 2 years without any strain. But, it has one problem that is it has a strong odour. 

Water-based one is more environmental friendly as compared to that of the oil-based one. It contains less amount of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and as such, this is safer to use than that of the oil-based one. The odour of water-based one generally dissipates quickly and as such, it is more breathable. Apart from that, the water-based one also does not retain the moisture.  The best thing about the water-based one is that it is non-flammable and can be dried quickly and after the coating on the timber you can even clean it with soap and water.

  • Colour: The next thing that you must look at is its colour. In the market, you will get a lot of brands that come up with a wood stain that has 7 to 9 colours. However, the choice of colour will range from natural, cedar tone, driftwood grey, redwood, natural pine, etc. Generally, it is observed that that water-based one provides good colour tint as compared to that of the oil-based one since in the water-based a special pigment-rich formula exists that makes it deep and natural-looking.
  • Transparency: Another most vital thing is you must look at while purchasing this coating is its transparency. In the semi-transparent coating, a small amount of natural-looking matte colour is present. But such types of wood stains are found to have better resistance to fading.  However, such type of wood stain will last for one to two years although it totally depends on the condition of the weather. In the case of translucent wood stain, you will not get any colour pigments due to which it gives natural-looking shine on the timber after it is painted. But it only lasts for a few months and so you have to reapply again and again. Hence, if you compare semi-transparent one is always better than that of the translucent one.

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