Teeth Problems in Children with Malocclusion & Causes of their Occurrence

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Improper bite in children today is not uncommon, its appearance depends on the location of the teeth, from violations of the size and shape of the jaws. These causes adversely affect the beauty of a smile, the shape of the face, as well as the functions of speech and chewing; an incorrect bite negatively affects all systems of the child’s body. To solve the problem with teeth, it is necessary to identify the main reasons for which there is an abnormal bite in the baby.

Mouth breathing, dental problems

As experienced by miracle mile dental center, today, a child’s problems associated with chronic rhinitis, adenomas, sinusitis, and other similar diseases are also not uncommon. Due to the lack of nasal breathing, the baby begins to constantly inhale and exhale air through the oral cavity, while the mouth constantly remains open.

All these factors negatively affect the jaw growth, facial skeleton, and teeth, while a narrow upper jaw and a “Gothic palate” begin to form in the child. In this case, only dentistry and an ENT doctor will help the child, or rather their joint treatment. After all, an ordinary cold left untreated on time can cause trouble where it is not expected at all.

Bad habits, and tooth problems that have arisen because of them

Every baby from childhood has bad habits in the form of a sucking tongue or fingers. Even at a late age, the addiction to biting nails or pencils, or sucking a nipple while it is time to forget about it for a long time, leads the child’s jaw to the so-called open bite. This is when the front part of the teeth does not have a correct abutment to each other, or there is no abutment at all. Many parents install a bracket system on their teeth to even their bites.

Extraction of deciduous teeth at an early age

Early loss of milk teeth leads to the fact that those teeth that are next to the extracted tooth begin to occupy all the empty space, that is, they gradually go “closer” to each other, subsequently forming an incorrect bite.

Sometimes a child’s birth includes not only the necessary number of teeth but also those that are called “supernumerary”, that is, extra ones. Such teeth “go” in the baby in a place not intended for them. They prevent normal teeth from developing, as they have the wrong size and shape. The treatment of such teeth consists only in their removal because such features of the oral cavity will only harm, but not benefit.

Decay in deciduous teeth

With excessive caries, problems occur with teeth of a global scale with the result, of course, is deplorable hence early loss of teeth leads to malocclusion of the baby.

Shortened bridle of the tongue and not only

In the mouth of each person there are several strands, i.e., bridles, strong development, or vice versa, underdevelopment, leads to various negative consequences. If the dentist sees short bridles in the child’s mouth and advises them to be cut, agree immediately and he should not prove that it is heredity or something else. After all, not a cropped bridle in some causes some problems, while others completely different.


In every person, heredity can do whatever it can, teeth, face, and jaws are no exception.

You can perfectly cope with any of the above reasons, the main thing is to notice and consult a doctor during it. Preventive measures are always there and are much cheaper than the treatment of diseases.

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