The Classic Style Trainers You Need

Classic Style Trainers

Few things in life can compare to the feeling of opening up a new box of trainers. That fresh smell and the pleasure of slipping them on, if only to walk around your house at the moment. It’s a universal joy.

With athleisure being a huge trend (that’s hopefully set to stay), wearing your classic Nike’s to any event, gathering, or meeting, is 100% acceptable.

However, there are some more classic styles that are guaranteed to stay trendy no matter how much time passes. Grab some Nike discount codes and get your shopping face on! 

There are our takes on the classic style trainers you need.

  1. Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low

The Nike Air Force 1 Sage released not too long ago but they have quickly made it into our books of classic style trainers. Not only are they super fashionable, but they come in a variety of colours and designs that can take you from the morning team catch up, to evening drinks.

For a classic style though, it’s always better to go with the usual white or black. This often allows the shoes to look more professional if you need them to have that flexibility. 

These also have a slight platform, which is always a nice touch when you’re not in the mood for heels. You get comfort and class in one – perfect!

  1. Nike Blazer Low SE

The Blazer Low SE’s are the true epitome of a classic style. They are simple with a low-cut collar and beautiful leather finish.

For anyone looking for a true classic, staple wardrobe trainer, these are for you. They can be easily styled with many different outfits, whether that is a suit for work, joggers, or an elegant dress on the weekends.

  1. Nike Tanjun

For something slightly sportier, the Nike Tanjun is a good choice. Tanjun is Japanese for simplicity, which describes these shoes perfectly.

They have a sleek design instead of the heavier or bulkier styles that Nike offers. This makes them a good choice if you’re going to be on your feet all day or running errands.

Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, however, because in spite of that, they maintain a beautiful sophistication that goes unmissed.

  1. Nike Air Max Dia SE

For something a little edgier, you might want to opt for trainers with a little more colour. Nike’s Air Max trainers are an absolute classic and the Air Max Dia SE is no different.

They’re designed with a very chic metallic purple, white, and grey, giving them an almost futuristic style, while maintaining that classic Air Max feel.

This style also gives a bit of added height with its lifted midsole. They’re a fun choice if you’re in the mood for something different.

  1. Nike MD Runner 2

Don’t let the name deceive you – there does not have to be any running done in these (unless you want to, of course). Though, they are known for their origin coming from a winning running shoe in the 1990’s.

They come in two designs: one is a light pink/plum shade and the other is more of a washed-out coral color. Both undoubtedly able to add some brightness into your day.

These are the last on our list for the classic style trainers but certainly not the least important. They have a playful feel about them, with that classic running shoe shape.

Now that you have an idea of what’s on our list as the best classic style trainers that you need, it’s just up to you to make your choice! With the world changing as quickly as it does, it’s always good to create a stape wardrobe to keep you stylish through the trends. These classic trainers will definitely help.

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