The Purpose of an Exceptional Homepage

Exceptional Homepage

Here’s one counterintuitive question: do you know that you need to have at least 8 positive experiences with someone/something to reconsider a bad first impression? 

Why am I asking that?

Because it takes a few seconds for a customer to get annoyed with your unclear or unfriendly website and leave. On top of that, your business might never get that many chances to recover the first impression, so make sure the website is top-notch from the onset. 

People may land on your website on various pages, not just the homepage, and this is another reason to have the professionals deal with it, for they know that every page counts. If you struggle with where to go, who to ask, head over to web design company Houston to get the right help. 

Anyway, today we’re going to talk about how to nail the front door of your website.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Some people know what they’re looking for and they won’t care if your product is better than your website- they’ll buy anyway. Some other people will get frustrated but will give you a second chance. Unlikely, but might happen. 

Whereas a lot of other people will just go away, never to return. Who are these people then? 

These may be people who are browsing, not looking for anything specific- but who will eventually convert into customers. Information collectors, so to say (myself included). Then, it can be people who are looking for some fresh produce and they seem interested in what you do. Or came here through a referral. It’s important to capture their interest and make them stay. You cannot do it with a website that’s not responsive, user-friendly, intuitive, and overall captivating, and that solves a customer’s problem.

Your business needs a visitor to stay on your website and eventually do something. They are here for a reason- a situation or an issue that needs fixing, and they are virtually asking your website to solve it. How do they know if they’re in the right place? By being clear with what you can do for them.

The Three Wise Questions to Answer Before Launching Your Website

To rich high efficacy, the homepage has to answer the three questions instantly: 

  1. What is your business? 
  2. What problem can you solve?
  3. Why you and not someone else?

By answering these questions, your website will not only attain efficacy but also transparency and assurance that people are right to be here. 

Your Majesty, the Tagline

What is the best way to present all these on the homepage then? Through your company’s motto. A tagline, as it’s called, is what creates rapport with the (potential) clients. If the copy is great, as it has to be, the product will supersede the website itself. 

For instance, when you hear “Das Auto” maybe you don’t remember the website, but you know it’s Audi. These two shortest words contain everything you need to know about the gist of the product. Think of all the copies you remember and how you make a memorable, even emotional bond with these products.

Also, it’s important that people unconsciously know what to do. If you need contact information instantly, it’s really annoying when you have to click 300 buttons to get it. 

Moreover, not all people are tech-savvy so make sure that the important stuff is the easiest to find. 

CTA, but Don’t Bore Us

It applies to CTAs as well. Call-to-action focuses customers to stay a bit longer, engage with you, and hopefully see what you can offer- an e-book maybe, or a regularly updated and relevant newsletter, or a free trial. 

Make your CTA as effective as possible

By collecting your customers’ info and /or successfully leading them through to the sales point, the chances to turn your website from a catalog into a solid selling machine may skyrocket. 

To sum up, your homepage has to be creative and enticing, decluttered, with matching (and preferably) pleasing color palette, amazing fonts and a super quality visual (be it a photograph, a drawing, an illustration, or just a teeny animation), with a very clear and engaging tagline and a tempting CTA. Contact information and search bar are a must. 


Although there are tons of successful examples on the web, you need to find your own voice (or your business’s for that matter). Make it authentic. Backed by the highest quality product, it’s got to be the recipe for success.

Of course, it’s up to you to find out what message you want to convey to your customers. Your business might depend on how you represent your purpose and your mission. 

So, either think this through before you hit the digital agency, or your competition will thank you later. 

Remember: the homepage is a shop window. Make sure people want to come in. 

And preferably leave with the full bags. 

Author Byline:

Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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