Travel Apps You Must Download for Your Next Trip

Travel Apps

Traveling the world is a fairytale come true. Travel Apps will guide you experiencing diverse cultures and societies, meeting with different people, interacting with wild animals and plants, is sure to help you grow and mature, give you a deeper understanding of the world, and develop empathy for those around you. However, when you enter a new place, strange foreign objects are bound to jump out at you and distract you. This bombardment of stimulus will definitely take your attention away from what truly matters. 

Marveling at all things new and strange is great, after all, it is the act of appreciating small things, but instead of it taking away from the experience you should channel this curiosity into making your trip more productive and educational and we have just the thing for that. Here are some apps that’ll help you navigate unknown territories with ease, and make your trip more engaging and interactive.

Google Translate

If you’re visiting a place where the language commonly is spoken is unknown to you, you’d do well with taking Google Translate along with you. The app was great when it was first launched and over the years it has only gotten better. 

It can translate more than 100 languages. If you have to speak to someone, then simply dictate your words to the app which will translate it and play it out loud for them. When they reply just let your phone record and translate the words and hear them over the speaker. You can even choose the regional options. For example, if you’re in Canada and the local is speaking French just select French from Canada. Technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? And, this is not all.

Feed a picture of a handwritten note to the app and it will pick up the words and turn it to text. It can then identify which language it’s in and translate it for you. Looking for directions and don’t understand the language on the signs? Well, that’s no longer a problem.

Google Lens

Google has outdone itself with the Google Lens app. What the app basically does is it uses image recognition technology to identify the things you’re looking at. Wondering what that dilapidated building is on you right? Or, which exotic animal you just came across? Well, just snap a picture and let Google Lens figure it out. 

Restaurants to landmarks, whatever it is you want to know about Google Lens can help you. Even better, it finds relevant links that you can look at to learn more. We’d suggest that even when you’re not traveling, download it just in case. 


Music is the beat of life and every place has its own music. As you travel the streets of Spain, you might hear some local songs playing with a melody so sweet and instruments so unique that you’ll be mesmerized. You might wonder what song it is so you can hear it again and take it with you, to rejoice with old memories on. Luckily, there’s an app just for that.

Shazam can recognize the song you’re hearing in minutes. Just let it listen to the song you want to know about for a few seconds and it will answer all your questions. No matter how noisy the streets are, the app can pick up the beats with ease. What’s more, it’s so well integrated with iTunes, Spotify, and other music apps that it can also direct you to where you can hear the song at. 


For all the people that want to soak in the scenery, getting the WalkJogRun app is a necessity. As you take a walk around a beautiful town, you might get lost or worst still, wander into unsafe localities and dark alleys. Your dream trip can soon turn into a nightmare if this happens. This app though saves you from all that.

It offers a huge selection of running routed in up to 1.6 million cities around the globe that are safe for you trod. If you’re not used to walking or running around town, this app also offers a training plan to ensure you can get fast without hurting yourself. It’s the perfect addition to your phone, wouldn’t you agree?

Final Words

These apps are sure to make your vacation safe and fun. All you need to do now is get a good internet connection to support them. Charter Spectrum offers some great deals that you should look into and once you subscribe you’ll be up and running in no time. So, go ahead try these apps and test them out. We guarantee they won’t disappoint. 

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