What Type of Vitamins Are Best for You?

Real food vitamins

People need to question the ingredients in everything, in food, beauty products, body lotions, and so on. The list would be so long of things we question, but what about our vitamins? Just because vitamins are healthy doesn’t mean we don’t need to check how they are made and from what ingredients. Real food vitamins are the best thing that is made recently. 

Regular vitamins can have capsules from cow skin, and they include titanium dioxide, PEG, mercury, pesticides, GMOs, parabens, or gelatin. Wait; what? Aren’t vitamins made to help people, or is it a case to make people even sicker? We will never know the true attention of the pharmaceutical industry, but we have all the right to do our own research and choose the best option that is presented out there. The best type is a vitamin made of real food ingredients, so let’s see the advantages.

Vitamins as Real Food

This kind of vitamin is made from the ground up where the main goal is to avoid lab as much as possible. Maybe human lives in big cities and a very civilized environment, but it cannot be forgotten that human is a part of nature and life cycle present in nature. So, everything that exists in nature feeds in nature; it’s simple as that. People need to stop thinking that we are smarter than this beautiful creation and learn how to use the best of it. 

Vitamins need to be minimally processed, and that is only possible if plants are always included as ingredients. 

How Do Real Food Vitamins Act in Our Body?

Real food vitamins are absorbed slower than regular vitamins, and that is really important because ineffective absorption and difficult digestion can be caused by the quicker release of ingredients and lack of necessary co-nutrients. Also, they are absorbed better because they are free of synthetic colorants and filters, indigestible binders, added sugar, artificial ingredients, harmful derivatives, gluten, soy, animal, and dairy.

One Bite for Daily Strength

These key co-nutrients and essentials will give you a boost you need to have for a productive day. Omega 3s and flavonoids are supporting your brain function, so you will be more concentrated, and you will have a better memory. Also, woman hormones can be equalized for improved stress response. Well, your day will certainly be better than previously, and by the time, it will get even better. In one bite, you can help your body to be stronger and cleaner as this food also acts like detoxification.

What Ingredients Should I Be Looking For?

There are a lot of plants that have a great power to boost your immune system because their small amount contains a lot of vitamins great for your body. Some of the plant-based ingredients that you should be looking for are pumpkin seeds, red algae, mushrooms, quinoa, ashwagandha, chlorella, dates, coconut, chia seeds, sea minerals, spirulina, curry leaves, and similar. For example, dates have magnesium, vitamin B6, copper, potassium, iron, calcium, protein, fibers, and natural sugar that is healthy for your body. All of these plants have similar values, and it’s very healthy when they are mix together in one bite.


Luckily, there are a lot of options for people today to improve their immune system, very healthy, and GMO-free options. Price matters in a lot of things, but when it comes to food and vitamins, that is not a place where you should be economical. It’s better to prevent health issues than get into a situation where you will spend even more money while curing some disease that could have been prevented.

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