What You Need To Know Before Building Your Commercial Shed

What You Need To Know Before Building Your Commercial Shed

There are many things to consider when building a commercial shed. Commercial sheds serve a wide range of purposes such as storage sheds, warehouses, workshops, machinery dealers, trade stores and aircraft hangers. When building a commercial shed there are many more factors to understand when compared to residential sheds including car parking, fire safety, drainage requirements, layout, civil works, and planning permits. Here is what you need to consider before building a commercial shed.


Commercial sheds in Perth commonly have five areas:

  1. Offices
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Reception
  5. Work area; for example, workshop, showroom, etc.

The design will depend on the purpose and type of business. You may need to engage a designer or architect to provide planning drawings.


Making sure there is enough room for parking is something that is easily forgotten. Customers and staff will need enough safe room to park safely. There are also requirements on the number of car parks allowed depending on the size of the building and the building use.

You may also need to consider if you need room for large vehicles to get in and out safely. If trucks and other transport vehicles will be visiting often, it’s essential that you plan for turning circles to be large enough to accommodate these types of vehicles.

Door and Clearance Heights

Certain businesses will need large enough spaces for tall vehicles to gain access or to accommodate high shelving and pallets. This is usually something to consider for factories and manufacturing type businesses. The height of doors and other clearances will need to be carefully taken into account for some commercial sheds.

Fire Safety

Certain building classes have fire safety requirements that must be followed. You will need to comply with the requirements before a building permit can be issued. Some of the requirements include:

  • Reliable water supply
  • Fire hydrant locations
  • Automatic fire detection systems such as smoke alarms and sprinklers
  • Smoke exhaust systems to allow the firefighter to entre during a fire
  • Smoke management systems
  • Access for fire fighting vehicles

The Department of Fire and Emergency Service (DFES) provides advice to fire safety practitioners to make sure building plans are fire-safe and comply with the building code of Australia.


The type of lighting is another factor to think about before building sheds Perth. Do you want to take advantage of natural light by installing skylights? Although this does let heat inside, which may cause a problem. LED factory lights are commonly chosen for many commercial buildings as they generally do not produce heat, have good lighting capacity, have a long life span and are cheap to run.

Civil Works

Civil works are an essential process to understand before building a commercial shed, as it does add to the costs. Civil works covers processes completed before the building is constructed, such as drainage, sites works and stormwater discharge. 

Quality of Materials Used

Commercial sheds need to be durable and built from high-quality materials to withstand the demands of this industry. Choosing the best quality materials will ensure that your commercial shed will stand up to the demands of your business for many years to come.

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