Why More Women Should Start Investing In Real Estate According To Experts

Women Should Start Investing In Real Estate


  • Are you a women entrepreneur looking to get into the highly male-dominated world of real estate investing?
  • Do you know what some challenges women investors face are when it comes to real estate investing?
  • Have you tried following leading women real estate investors like Kim Kiyosaki to know more about how to succeed?

There are many challenges, which confront women more than their male counterparts. Taking care of the family, the kids and the household is something where women are expected to take the lead. Even though in the last few years, many women have risen to lead management positions, yet their numbers are starkly less. 

In this article, we speak to leading women real estate investors and ask them about why more women should be part of it. However, before we begin, let us look at some of the challenges, which are faced routinely by women real estate investors. 

Challenges faced by Women looking to start Real Estate Investing

In this section, we will look at three major challenges faced by women who want to start investing in real estate. 

  1. Lack of Confidence- 

According to the kim kiyosaki review, women try to gather too much information, which undermines their decision making. In real estate, decision making is as important as gathering the right information. The pile of information (multiple sources) clogs straight thinking, leading to low confidence and self-doubt. 

  1. Absence of Time- 

Women who are investors, or even working in a professional setup are always low on time. This is because they have to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. Society’s dominant narrative has subconsciously made them the guardians of looking after families, homes, and other domestic responsibilities while pursuing full-time careers. 

  1. Social Biasness- 

There is no doubt that the real estate industry is heavily male-dominated. This creates a certain amount of bias especially when women real estate investors looking to network, raise capital or get their hands dirty in an all-out bidding war. The social bias also dictates that people who are willing to let go of their property feel it is a man’s job. 

Why Women should Start Investing in Real Estate?

Many advocates who argue for greater women participation in real estate investing state the following reasons- 

  • Women have better communication skills and are always better than men at people management. 
  • Women inspire more confidence as decision-makers as they always invest a lot of time in research and information gathering. 
  • As compared to men, women business leaders and investors are rated to be more trustworthy and credible. 
  • In terms of seeing out a plan and taking it to their logical conclusion, women have been found to be more serious and willing. 
  • Women are less likely to take impulsive investing decisions and hence, they are not prone to making mistakes or errors. 

Many Fortune 500 companies have pointed out that women have a knack of not abandoning strategies by the dozen. They pay careful attention to the strategy formulation phase and ensure that adequate time is spent on the same. 

Once the strategy is made, they invest in the same with a lot of conviction and ensure that it comes up as a success. This makes them better than male real estate investors who are likely to take a more aggressive slash and burn approach to investing. 

The Final Word

Investing in real estate can give women long-term financial security. It can also enable them to create valuable assets for the future. Many women investors who started off with a job and investing on the side, left their jobs within a few years and got into real estate investing full-time. 

Can you list some reasons in the comments section stating as to why women make better real estate investors? Or, would you like to share some stories with us if you are a woman who has started or experimented as a real estate investor? Let us know below. 

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