Work-Life during Coronavirus


Best Alternative to lead a normal life

Just a few months back we would not have thought that life would freeze due to the Corona outbreak. There are chaos and panic all over the country. India has taken a proactive approach by containing this virus with the help of lockdown. We are safe from this virus from the comfort of our own homes. This has made us reconnect with our family and spend some needed quality time.

The government is still finding ways to keep everyone safe and not be a victim of this virus spread. With all businesses shut down; companies are still taking care of their employees with work at home facilities. We are all finding ways to lead a normal life. Life will stop for no one and we need to find alternative ways to lead a normal life in this crisis.

Everyday Challenges during Coronavirus

The Indian Government has ordered a shutdown for 40 days beginning March 24, 2020. This action has been taken with the hope to contain the virus outbreak and get back to our everyday lives as soon as possible. Things are harder than ever with due bills, rent, and no income from the business due to a lockdown. 

While some people are safe in their homes; some people are stuck in one place with no place to go. Since no transport facilities are available; a large number of students and employees are unable to return home. At the time of such a crisis, we need to be prepared for any scenario we might face in the coming months. Personal safety is very important in these times.

The question still lingers if things will go back to normal in Lockdown days. The precautions taken by the government are something that makes us proud as an Indian. However, we are uncertain how long this crisis will last. In this time of crisis, we are there for each other. Yet every Indian needs to be prepared for the future.

What is the Alternative solution for accommodation during Coronavirus lockdown or life in general?

OYO Life in Chennai

With the fast-moving life, many of us are out there living in different cities for growth. Chennai is one of the largest hubs for students and employees. Accommodation is one of the basic things in life; whether it is the coronavirus outbreak or a normal day in the life of people living in Chennai.

Everyone is familiar with OYO Life providing rooms to stay for every Indian at an affordable price. OYO Life also has Room on Rent for Boys in Chennai. 

Personal space is an essential part of every individual. With the Coronavirus outbreak; a personal room might be needed for someone who wants to take precautions and maintain social distance. There are Students and employees in Chennai who are not able to return to their homes and need room to stay at an affordable cost. Companies have offered work from home facilities to employees. However, there are many challenges faced by employees who want some personal space and need a personal room away from chaos at home.

OYO life provides PG for boys in Chennai. You can take a personal room or book twin/triple/four sharing rooms to share with your friends at an affordable price. This will help you save money as there is zero brokerage and one-month security deposit needs to be made. There is no owner interference which prevents any hassle. 

Before staying in any place it is important to know what facilities are being offered. Whether it is a PG, Room, or apartment; we all need a home away from home. 

OYO life provides offers:

  • Parking facilities
  • CCTV for safety
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Washing Machine
  • Weekly Housekeeping
  • Cab and food order services

Life is always hard when you are living away from home. We need to be prepared for every scenario with the COVID-19 crisis and life after. Stay indoors and stay safe; life needs to go on. OYO life is a home away from home for all those who need it.