Bold lipstick vs Nude lipstick. What to wear?

Bold lipstick vs Nude lipstick

Ruby red or fuchsia pink? 

Matte or glossy?

The importance of wearing the right shade of lipstick cannot be stressed enough. When done right, lipstick can sometimes even make up for any flaws in your outfit and pick up the entire look.

That being said, the most common dilemma that most people face is whether to go for a bold lipstick or a nude one. To help you navigate through this, we have curated a guide that will help you to decide what shade of lipstick to wear and when.

Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick

Choosing between a bold lipstick and a nude one sure isn’t an easy decision to make. It can change the overall look and feel of not just your face but your entire appearance. Choosing the right lipstick shade is more than just a preference. The lip colour should match your outfit, your skin tone, your facial features, as well your jewelry and accessories.

So here is more about which shade to wear & when, to help you make this game-changing decision.

When to Wear a Bold Lipstick?

The perfect red or plum lips can do wonders to your entire look. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Bold lip colour: While all lips are beautiful, plump or fuller lips feature a dark plum or bold lipstick in an alluring way. Dark or bold colours tend to make one look a little aged. However, when done on plump or fuller lips, it can make you look youthful and fresh.
  • Pick the right shade for your outfit: Not all lipstick shades may flatter your outfit. Some may even wear it down. When wearing colours like yellow, green, or blue, go for a brighter red or maroon lipstick. When wearing outfits in more pastel shades, you can go for more subtle shades of red and plum.
  • Match it to your jewelry: Jewelry also plays a role in the look and feel of your lipstick shade since they are the closest to your face. It is a great idea to opt for dark lipstick or bold colour if your jewelry does not feature too many colours or gemstones to pull attention from your lips and face.
  • Work around your skin tone: Make sure you choose the right shade of lipstick according to your skin tone and undertone.

When to wear a Nude Lipstick?

Choosing nude lipstick is a safer bet. Especially, when you are looking to go for a more natural look. Here are a few things to keep in mind when going for a nude lip.

  • Choose a shade that suits you: Nude lipsticks only look good when you choose the right shade for your skin tone and undertone. You can choose from pinks, peaches, browns, nude berries, and mauves and find the shade that goes perfectly on you.
  • Choose a brighter shade: Choose your nude lip shade carefully, and make sure the lip colour does not wear your look down. Choose a shade that adds brightness to your look.
  • Balance it with the rest of your makeup: A nude lip when balanced with the rest of the look can look glam as well. So, make sure you choose your eye makeup and the rest of your look carefully when looking for that subtle glam.

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