Choosing a Multifamily Construction Project General Contractor

Multifamily Construction

When one is interested in establishing or renovating multifamily real estate property, choosing a general contractor is one of the vital decisions to make. Whether one is a developer or a real estate investor in a commercial project, it is important to understand the role of a general contractor. Contacting JNT multifamily construction companies and choosing a professional, and qualified contractor is key to the successful completion of commercial construction development.

Role of general contractors

A general contractor is responsible for all the stages of the multifamily construction process.

Working with project architect

A general contractor has the task of working with the multifamily project’s architect and suggesting modifications, and improvements that can reduce potential hazards and risks.

Obtaining permits and approvals

It is the responsibility of the general contractor to obtain relevant city and county permits for constructing and renovating multifamily housing.

Hiring subcontractors

When a multifamily construction project gets approval, several subcontractors need to be hired. They include electricians, plumbers, security installation agencies, flooring experts, and so on. It is the job of the general contractor to bid subcontractors from various backgrounds.

Buying materials for projects

It is the subcontractors who purchase supplies required for the construction and then send the bill to the general contractor. But, the majority of the materials required for constructing multifamily housing are purchased directly by the general contractor.

Abiding by building zones

There are specific building codes and zoning codes that JNT multifamily construction companies have to follow. It is the job of the general contractor to assure that these codes are followed and catered to during the building and construction process of a multifamily property.

Selecting a multifamily general contractor

Thorough research

When choosing a general contractor for a multifamily construction project, thorough research is the first thing that must be initiated. An investor, or a developer searches online, look for recommendations, find desirable local properties and determine choosing the contractors.

Early selection of general contractor

Large multifamily construction projects take almost a year to receive proper approvals from the city municipality. Shortlisting a good general contractor with experience in multifamily projects can speed up the process. This is because he/she knows how to streamline the permit approval process.

Creating project description

While choosing a general contractor, he/she must be given a complete project description. This allows the developer or investor of a project to get an estimate of the project and the timeline of the project.

Bidding from several general contractors

To get hold of a professional, and qualified general contractor, a developer or an investor must get multiple bids from contractors shortlisted. For smaller multifamily construction projects, it is recommended to have at least three competing bids from general contractors. On the other hand, for larger project construction, a developer or an investor must have a minimum of five to six general contractor bids.


Choosing an appropriate general contractor for a multifamily construction project is vital for the successful completion of the project. Moreover, a contractor makes the construction process smooth and efficient. While choosing a general contractor, multiple bids are encouraged. The number of bids also depends on the number of JNT multifamily construction companies available in a given location. When there are more bids, there is more competition, which brings down the price rates.