Here’s all you need to Know About: Fantasy Cricket Game Rules

Fantasy Cricket Game Rules

The popular fantasy cricket game lets cricket enthusiasts use their gaming strategies and abilities in the best form. However, the fantasy cricket game has few basic rules you need to know before you start the game! We know you have questions regarding the fantasy cricket game, and we will answer each one to let you know the basic rules you need to follow! Let’s now know about the game rules:

How does match format decide the game points?

A century or a half by your selected player brings you extra points in fantasy cricket. As the risks involved in T20s and ODIs are greater, the points in these formats are generally higher than in Test cricket. A maiden over in T20 and ODI fetches you more points as the target becomes more achievable. While in Test matches the aim is to stay longer in the pitch and thus run rate is not a deciding factor in that case. 

What defines player ratings, and what is the maximum rating?

Each selected player is provided a player rating, solely on the basis of their performances last year (for instance, the very 1st XI captain here, Tony Roberts has a fine rating of 1,000). And so you know, no fantasy side of the game can have a total rating exceeding 7,000.

What impact do boundaries and over-boundaries have on the match?

If the selected player hits boundaries and over-boundaries, the chances of you winning the match drastically increase when you play fantasy cricket. Thus, you can get more points if the player hits fours or sixes.

How can fielding get you points?

Fielding plays an important role in fetching points for your team in the fantasy cricket app. Since, the fielder can save runs for the team, a run-out or a catch-out helps you gain some extra points which in turn helps in the long run of the game.

What role does the Captain and the Vice-Captain play in winning the match?

In fantasy cricket, the captain and the vice-captain have a greater point weightage. Thus, if the real-time performance of the captain is good, you get 2 times the points and 1.5 times for the vice-captain.

What will happen if there is an insufficient number of winners?

In case there is more than one winner or none of the teams could achieve the target. The winning amount is either allocated on a pro-rata basis among the allocated players or it is equally distributed among the participating players respectively.

What must a fantasy cricket team consist of?

A fantasy cricket team should have 5 Batsmen, 2 All-Rounder, 1 Wicket Keeper, and 3 Bowlers to help win the match. Additionally, each team should also consist of at least 2 junior members in the fantasy cricket game.

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