House Style- What Makes a Contemporary Home?

House Style

If you were searching for contemporary design houses and other property types, you might want to consider knowing a little more about the architectural style that is signified here. The definition of a contemporary home derives from examples of architecture in the 21st century. This style started spreading its wings in the 1970s and highlights various contemporary architectural features including natural light, geometric lines, and open floor plans. Contemporary architectural styles usually focus on small house interior design and big space designs alike while being a fusion of various influences. 

Distinguishing between modern and contemporary homes 

Modern and contemporary architectural styles may not necessarily be the same thing although they do have a few similarities. Contemporary talks about present or current architectural styles while modern encompasses newer styles or what was absolutely new in the time frame when the style was developed. The latter was a characteristic style of architecture that was a response to changes arising from a new and evolved era in the world. The former is difficult to pin down into a single influence or inspiration since it first came about in the 1970s and has continued rapidly transforming and evolving ever since. 

Yet, several contemporary houses do have a few touches of modern architecture as well. They mostly prefer open layouts enabling people to move around easily between the dining area, kitchen and living room while choosing big windows which proudly showcase the environment surrounding the home. Natural light and fresh air are always welcomed in contemporary homes while interior designs and facades have more geometric lines than before. Design lines of contemporary architecture are different from the angular and straight lines used by modernists. Famous architects like I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, and Zaha Hadid have used lines that are form-free and rather expressive. The less is more perspective is more characteristic of a contemporary home than before as well. 

Contemporary design houses – Distinguishing features

For a contemporary small house interior design project, you should know more about the key characteristics or features of this architectural style. Some are given below for your perusal. 

  • Minimalistic approach. 
  • Combination of various influences such as cottage, modernism or farmhouse interpreted in an unusual and creative way to express recent architectural ideas. 
  • Materials like brick, wood or natural stone may be used in rather unusual ways. 
  • Stronger and form-free lines for a more individualistic expression. 
  • Asymmetrical and unique shapes and facades as well. 
  • Clerestory or floor to ceiling windows with more natural light. 
  • Open layouts and mixed materials for facades. 
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable features including minimization of waste and attributes like solar panels. 
  • Neutral fabrics and colors with a few bold splashes in most cases. 
  • Furniture with round and soft edges and clean lines. 
  • Preference for lighter woods, i.e. maple or birch along with sleek and glass based finishing. 
  • Minimal and simple artwork and statement pieces. One or two pieces become focal points. 
  • Bare walls are more in vogue along with less clutter. 
  • Lesser propensity towards using moldings although some may have them in moderation. 
  • Cutting-edge and sleek home appliances. 

These are some of the key features exhibited across contemporary homes these days. 

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