Signs That You Might Be Struggling With an Eating Disorder

Struggling With an Eating Disorder

It is never easy to accept the fact that you are dealing with a mental health condition. You might be tempted to feel as though the things you are feeling mentally and experiencing physically are normal and that you should simply find a way to cope. However, it is important to know that there is a distinct difference between the standard stress of life and the mental and physiological effects of a mental health condition.

Admitting that you are struggling with such a condition isn’t a sign of weakness, and asking for help doesn’t mean that you are in any way inadequate. Instead, it takes courage and strength to seek help for a mental health condition. Moreover, it is the only way to regain control of your life and feel so that you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

While there are many mental health conditions that can be difficult to accept in oneself, eating disorders are among the most complex. Such conditions tend to stem from a broken perception of one’s physical self and can therefore be very hard to come to terms with.

Here are a few signs that might indicate that you are struggling with an eating disorder and should therefore speak to a qualified professional as soon as possible.

You Are Overly Concerned With How You Look

Do you catch yourself looking at your body in the mirror at every chance you get? Are you constantly concerned with the manner in which certain clothes make you look in regard to your weight? While it is natural to want to look your best, becoming obsessed with making sure that you appear to be a certain weight to the extent that such thoughts control your life can be a sign of an eating disorder.

It is important to understand that help is out there. If you suspect that you are in fact suffering from a mental health condition, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek the help and treatment that you need. There are treatment programs for bulimia and other eating disorders out there that can help you to regain a healthy perception of your body.

You Aren’t as Social 

Aside from the physical and mental ramifications of an eating disorder, your social life might have also taken a hit. The fact is that many social events tend to involve food in some way, shape, or form. 

If you have found yourself withdrawing from such situations because you are uncomfortable being around food or in a situation where you are expected to eat, you might have an eating disorder.

You frequently Feel Faint or Dizzy

When you don’t give your body the proper nutrition that it needs to function, you can feel faint or dizzy on a regular basis. You might even find that you pass out on multiple occasions. This is a clear sign that your body isn’t getting what it needs. Furthermore, if you feel that you would rather feel that way instead of eating, you very well could be suffering from an eating disorder.