The Future of Plumbing: 5 Advanced Technologies that will be in High Demand

Future of Plumbing:

Future of Plumbing:

Over the last few years, the plumbing industry has evolved and seen many trends come and go. From innovative tools that improve work efficiency to advanced technologies used for convenience, professional Sandy Springs plumber companies have been using these trends to guide their business decisions. A professional plumber must stay updated with current trends and technologies to meet customer expectations and gain a competitive edge. Here are five hot advanced technologies that will rule the plumbing industry in the future. 

Sensors and Automation

A significant area where the plumbing industry is changing is by using touchless fixtures equipped with sensors and automation. Though this technology has been used for a while, its demand seems to rise yearly. Commercial buildings already have automatic faucets and toilets. 

However, sensors and automation are becoming more common in residential buildings. For instance, homeowners are contacting a professional Sandy Springs plumber to install sensor-activated faucets and toilets that automatically flush when not in use. Such technological innovations help save water and energy. 

Tankless Water Heaters

The popularity of tankless water heaters is rising in residential and commercial applications. These heaters only heat water when required, saving a significant amount of energy and funds. Moreover, tankless water heaters occupy much less space than traditional water heaters and have a much longer lifespan. 

Low-Flow Bathroom Items

Low-flow toilets and showerheads are becoming popular among homeowners as great ways to conserve water. These fixtures are known to use less water without compromising performance. Low-flow bathroom items use less water to flush waste down the drainage system. 

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets provide multiple functions like automatic flushing, water-saving features, overflow protection, sensor-enabled commercial LED lighting, a self-deodorizer, and more. Homeowners living in smart homes are considering installing these technologically advanced toilets. 

In the coming years, the world will even see internet-connected toilets equipped with sensors to analyze waste. This technology will help detect the early signs of chronic, debilitating diseases like infectious kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Moreover, toilet lids with motion-sensing LED lights will be installed in every other house. 

Smart Water-Leak Sensors

Whether it’s because of faulty pipes, water heater issues, or a leaky dishwasher, leaks can cause minor to severe damage to households. In addition, the cost of getting leaking pipes fixed is high. With people becoming more environmentally conscious and trying to take measures to save water, they prefer installing smart leak detectors. 

Sensors will detect the leak, set off an alarm, or trigger an alert, reducing the impact of plumbing issues. Moreover, the plumbing industry will have advanced systems to alert homeowners about freezing temperatures and humidity problems and shut off the valves to prevent significant damage or water loss. 


Convenience and a desire to preserve the environment and save money have driven the top technological trends in the plumbing industry. With constantly changing plumbing tools and technology, homeowners must stay informed to make the best decisions for their homes. Reliable Sandy Springs plumber services will be updated and experienced enough to help homeowners choose the right fixtures and appliances.