The Top 10 Tips to Improve your Health in 2021

Improve your Health

Your health is something that you will never be able to replace or update. In a time of uncertainty where mental, physical, and social health are threatened, it will never be more important than now to improve your health. Here are ten simple things that you can do.

1. Keep Active

Keeping active has several associated health benefits. As muscles work, the blood flow through the body is improved, and anaerobic respiration leads to improved organ function. Exercise is more difficult during COVID-19 but still an essential component of good health.

2. Eat More Greens

If it’s green, it’s likely to be a vegetable or fruit, so eat it! Eating more vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

3. Eat Less Harmful Fat

It has been proven that trans fats block arteries and restrict blood flow around the body, so they must be avoided in your diet. These fats have been proven to increase bad cholesterol and, as such, are a leading cause of chronic illness in America today.

4. Eat Less Salt

Sodium chloride is a chemical that the body can do with a little less of. The World Health Organization has shown that a reduction in salt intake could result in an extra year of a healthy life.

5. Drink Less Alcohol

Alcohol is a leading cause of kidney and blood pressure complications, and excess use should be avoided. Alcohol with your meal, as an occasional refreshing beverage, and for celebratory occasions is fine; just make sure that the body is hydrated and it is not consumed in excess.

6. Have Regular Health Checks/Tests

Having regular health checks done by a professional is vital; consider an annual wellness visit where you can have these done. Preventative health care is the way to ensure that you stay healthy, so get checked regularly and know what medical issues you and your family will need to deal with.

7. Wear a Mask

COVID-19 is a severe health threat spread most commonly by droplets that are expelled through the nose or mouth. Reduce your risk, follow the guidelines where you are, and wear a mask or mouth and nose covering. It is a simple proactive thing to do and may save a life.

8. Social distance

Keep your distance from people that are not from within your immediate household. Human contact and social interaction remain vital for good mental health. However, you must be aware of the nature of the pandemic. By limiting social contact and keeping a reasonable social distance, where you do have social contact, you will reduce the risk of infection and spread considerably.

9. Hand wash

After being out and about, shopping, at work, visiting family, make sure to sanitize and wash your hands; this too can limit the spread of COVID-19.

10. Smile

It’s a tough time at the moment, and yes, there is the hope of better times ahead. In the mean and in-between time, you need to smile. Find reason in your daily life to smile, be happy, and this will improve and maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

These are ten simple things that you can do in 2021 that will make a marked difference in your health and wellbeing. Sometimes it’s the simple things that we do that make the most positive, long-lasting difference.