3 Fun Ways to Entertain Your Tween This Season

Fun Ways to Entertain Your Tween

With the closure of schools for an extended period, most tweens have been affected emotionally, physically, or socially thanks to the pandemic. Unfortunately, their social life has been the most disrupted. Thanks to their restless nature, children tend to rapidly fall victim of loneliness and boredom, which can be dangerous for their mental health and general well-being.

As a result, one to up their game when it comes to keeping them occupied. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways one can keep their tweens entertained. 

Watching Dubs Movies

Dub is an animation series, which has a re-written voice track translated to English or any other language of choice. That depends on what country this has been licensed and recorded by the new actors. It allows for a broader audience to view without being required to read subtitles, unlike subs. The language used in the original is mostly Japanese.

We are all aware of the fact that children are mostly attracted to visuals more than reading books. That proves that books are no longer the only way for children to get entertained and educated. With watching dubs, the translation is not required as it is available in their native languages. Here are some of the reasons why one should let their tween watch dubs;

  1. It gives them a chance to work on their vocabulary and hence increases their fluency.
  2. It also helps the kid work on learning their native languages. 
  3. Repeating the scene often helps the child remember the keywords and can use them in a conversation. In the long run, it helps in practicing grammar as well as learning the correct pronunciation.
  4. Children learn a lot of virtues such as obedience, respect, and honesty, among others.
  5. When watching dubs, one does not have to look at the screen to read what the characters say. Thus, there is no distraction while viewing as in the case with subs.

Some of the dubbed films and animation include Kung Fu Panda, mega mind Naruto, Madagascar, etc. They ensure that the child is entertained and educated during these times.

Allow Them to Get Social

Social distancing and isolation have reduced the ability of children to socialize with their peers. Technology has come in handy in getting them connected. Unfortunately, that is not the case with every child as some cannot access the internet and other requirements that enable them to connect with others.

Helping them get connected with their friends on skype, face time, or zoom may help. Even though interacting on screen may not be the same as being in person. One can plan a hangout ( visit the parks, riding bikes among others) with the kids in the neighborhood once in a while. Take note that this activity is mainly for tweens who understand the concept of social distancing and the importance of keeping safe.  

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Features that help then stand out from the rest include;

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These hangouts can occasionally be happening to help reduce boredom, loneliness and aid the tweens to interact. Each family has to weigh the risks of allowing their children to see one another.

Encourage Creativity 

Children do have the ability to get creative naturally, give that they have a powerful imagination. Creativity helps them to become more confident, develop social skills, and learn better. Alongside this, it is known for better emotional health. One can teach their tweens various creative games and skills. Get to talk to them about skills they would want to learn, figure out the possibilities of this happening.

Some of the steps required to inspire creativity are;

  • Provide the items needed for creative expressions; this includes time and space, not only the commercial items.
  • Foster creative atmospheres encourage the kids on their ideas and help them generate new ideas. Celebrate their creativity and achievements.
  • Please encourage them to read for pleasure and participate in the arts. Allow them to participate in creative activities such as learning to draw, paint, and rehearsing a play.
  • Try and emphasize on the process and not the outcome. Ask what the tweens what they learned and if they found it enjoyable. 

There are so many opportunities for them to learn in online platforms such as YouTube. These activities help find their strengths and talents and reduce the amount of time spent on the screen watching TV.

Some of the activities that can make them creative are; 

  • Bookmarks                 
  •  writing a poem  
  • Crayon art                   
  •  learn to play a new instrument,
  • Paint                      
  •  learn a foreign language

Tweens can also take part in DIY activities such as designing of unique wedding invitation cards. Such endeavors keep them busy for hours and also allows them to showcase their creativity. With more practice, they will keep getting better at it.


Over and above all these always make it a habit of checking in and asking how they feel. Go ahead and inquire if they have anything to talk about. That makes them feel safe even if they have nothing to talk about, and this goes a long way to ease their emotions. It is also essential to reassure them that this too shall pass, and they will be back to their typical day-to-day activities.