Why Reforestation Is Needed In The Modern World


Reforestation efforts taking place all over the world are going to be critical to the planet’s survival and that is because of the mass amount of deforestation which has happened for so many years. Trees around the world, huge volumes of them, are essential to maintaining a healthy planet because they breathe in carbon and release it as oxygen. Rainforests are quite literally the lungs of the planet and we are ripping them apart for our own needs. Sadly however this has long been at a point whereby deforestation is happening at a much faster rate than deforestation and these are some of the main reasons why we have been chopping down so many trees. 

Animal Industry 

One of the worst offenders when it comes to cutting down trees is the animal industry which requires massive amounts of land for fast-growing crops such as soy, in order to feed the animals which will later be slaughtered. This is certainly the case in Brazil where they have been burning massive amounts of the Amazon rainforest which is causing huge damage to both the local and the global eco-system. It is for this reason why reducing your meat consumption would be a great gesture in terms of helping to reduce the demand and hopefully reduce the damage. 

Wood and Paper 

We have very tight restrictions when it comes to the number of trees which we can destroy for our wood and paper needs yet sadly there are many logging operations that simply don’t respect the rules, which are tough to enforce. These poor forestry practices are having a terribly negative impact on the environment and that is why now more than ever we have to switch our focus to making sure that we are planting more trees than we are chopping down. 

Palm Oil 

Palm oil is a critical ingredient in so many beauty products, snacks, and hair care products and this is yet another key factor in why so many rainforests are being destroyed. This is something that has only really been common knowledge for a couple of decades and those companies which do require palm oil have corrupt deals with governments which means that they are able to continue this rate of destruction. 

Other Causes

There are many more reasons why the trees around the world are being cut down at such a rate. Collectively these have a massive damage impact on the planet and industries such as mining, drilling and agriculture are all guilty of razing massive numbers of trees for their business. 

We have now reached a critical point with regards to the level of deforestation that we are seeing around the world and it is time that we all took action. Failure to do so will see the planet in more difficulty than ever before and it is our trees that can help to reverse the effects of climate change, we have to focus more on the reforestation of our rainforests around the world.