3 Must-Do Upgrades for Your Texan Home

Are you thinking of an upgrade to your Texan home? Upgrades improve the quality of your home, but not every option is worth your hard-earned cash. Some additions make your home more comfortable and valuable, enhancing the quality of your life. Such upgrades also come in handy should you consider listing your home for sale, as it can easily fetch a nice price and attract numerous offers within a short period.  From functionality to aesthetic appeals, as you pick and budget for an upgrade, it is advisable to consider its contributions. Diving in headfirst could see you spending a fortune, yet the upgrades add little to no value. While upgrading your Texan home, here are three must-consider solutions.

Cedar fences

Fences are among the top upgrades that enhance privacy and security. Choosing the right fencing solutions, nonetheless, can be quite challenging. With the numerous options in the market, how do you make an informed pick? Cedar fences win on multiple fronts. The best part is that with cedar fence builders, you won’t have to struggle with DIY installations, which can prove frustrating. Among the top benefit of upgrading your Texan home with cedar fence includes;

  • Privacy: How much privacy do you want? From the size and shapes, cedar fences act as a barrier that extends to blocking sound. High walls without gaping holes offer privacy, and the solid wood acts as a sound barrier, giving you the peace of mind your home should deliver.
  • Durability: Regardless of the weather conditions, cedar is among the most long-lasting woods. With additional features such as natural oils that make the wood bug resistant, cedar fences can serve you for a lifetime if properly installed and maintained. You won’t also have to worry about shrinkage and warping, and as it is easy to maintain, cedar is an economically-friendly fencing solution.
  • Aid in temperature control: Cedar holds natural air pockets. This comes in handy while controlling the temperature in your yard as the fence acts as an insulation solution, facilitating warmer winter and cooler summer. This benefit helps you avoid hefty power bills, a concern that could, in the long-run, dig deeper into your pockets.

Cedar fencing is a great upgrade to your Texan home, and in addition to the functionalities, you also get an aesthetically appealing addition.

House leveling

Is your home sinking at one end or various spots? You might notice some concerns such as doorways failing to fully close even after numerous repairs and maintenance, cracking ceiling, or uneven doors and windows. The observations might seem minor, but it could develop into a significant issue if you ignore the problem. This arises from foundation issues, and with house leveling, a process intended to raise it to as near to its original state as possible, you can avoid such hassles.

Shifting or sagging isn’t only going to dig deeper into your pockets as you finance regular repairs and maintenance. An unleveled foundation poses a threat to the safety of the occupants. Should, for instance, a minor disaster occur, your home can’t withstand the force, and it could easily collapse. In time, the house could also curve under pressure and collapse even without such triggers, an imminent danger that you can avoid by investing in house leveling as you strive to upgrade your home. 

While it might initially seem unnecessary, foundation repairs play a significant role in keeping your home at its best for an extended period. The stability eliminates the annoyance of regular maintenance and repairs that only last a short while. Such repairs could, in the long run, prove to be costly, not to mention troubling and inconvenient. With a specialist, you can establish the extent to your foundation needs repairs, and after thorough house leveling, upgrade your Texan home to enjoy stability and comfort for an extended period.

Storm safe rooms

Where is the nearest safe place that you can take shelter should a storm/tornado hit? Can you get there within a few minutes, if not seconds? As thunderstorms and tornadoes continue to hit various states, upgrading your home with a safe room is among the must-consider elements. You can’t put a price tag on your safety, and while installing a storm safe room might seem expensive, it is worth every buck spent. Relying on your basement might initially seem like a good idea. Still, basements are susceptible to debris collapse, leaving you and your family vulnerable, stressing the need to invest in safe rooms.

Storm safe rooms come in various dimensions, and regardless of your home features and family size, you can find a solution that matches your requirements. From the basements, garage, or as a separate exterior room, a safe room can be installed in a convenient space that you can access within a few seconds when natural disasters hit. While choosing a safe room, considerations such as your family size, including pets, are significant considerations to ensure that everyone is safe.

Among the top benefit of installing a safe room is that you can keep your family together despite the tough situation. Walking or driving to the nearest safe place could see your family splitting as it is hard to stick together amidst the chaos. This could worsen the situation as you constantly worry about their safety, especially as there is no telling what they’ll face on their way and during the stay. The instant access to the room is also a significant pro since you won’t be exposed to the dangers as you struggle to navigate the nearest safe place during tough times.

Upgrading your home with regional considerations in mind, such as the weather, can’t be stressed enough. For instance, your Texan home could serve you a lot better with cedar fences that help control the temperature, house leveling to ensure that the foundation is sturdy enough, and storm-safe rooms to keep your family safe when harsh weather hits. While the cost of such upgrades might seem significant, their benefits outweigh what comes out of your pocket.