3 Reasons to Use Quick-Setting Concrete for Small Projects

Quick-Setting Concrete for Small Projects

For many projects, like pouring concrete for a driveway or walkway, you’ll likely use traditional concrete. This can take a while to set, extending the time it takes to complete the project. If you’re doing something smaller, like securing fence posts or a mailbox post, you can use a quicker-setting mix. This only requires you to pour the mix, apply water, and can be set in 20 minutes. Here are some of the reasons why you might use rapid-set concrete mix on smaller projects.

No MIxing

When using traditional concrete, you have to use a wheelbarrow to mix the concrete. While this might seem reasonable for a bigger job, it might seem too much if your project is simple. Fast-setting concrete doesn’t require any mixing at all. All you have to do is dig the hole, pour in the mix, and soak it with water. This requires fewer tools and is an easier way to complete the securing of your posts for these smaller projects.

Shortens Jobs

If you’re doing something small, like installing a new mailbox, you probably haven’t set aside that much time to complete the project. When using traditional concrete, it can take 24 to 48 hours for the concrete to set. This is fine when you’ve set aside a couple of days to complete a larger project. However, it can be troublesome when you’re trying to do something simple. Fast-setting concrete can set in 20 to 40 minutes. This will ensure that you can continue on with your project and get it done in the time that you’ve set aside for it.

Use Like Regular Concrete

When most people pour slabs of concrete, they only consider traditional concrete. If you’re pouring a slab for a driveway or a long walkway, you’ll want to use traditional concrete. However, fast-setting concrete can be used for smaller slabs. While this type of concrete is best for filling in holes to hold posts, it can be used for smaller slabs, such as filling in a small dirt area with something stronger.

When completing a project that requires concrete, you’ll need to decide between traditional concrete and a fast-setting concrete mix. Traditional concrete is typically better for larger projects while fast-setting concrete is better for smaller projects. It allows you to finish those projects faster while providing the necessary strength. These are three reasons why you might decide to use rapid set concrete mix for smaller projects.