4 Reasons to Invest in Solar Power for Your Home

As a homeowner, you’re always looking for changes you can make to upgrade your house. You might want to take down a wall to expand the kitchen, or change your flooring from tile to hardwood. There’s one kind of change you can make that improves how your whole house operates: switching to solar power. Installing items like solar panels and a solar inverter allows you to draw energy directly from the sun. Find out some advantages you can expect when you generate your own solar power.

1. Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

Climate change is a threat that confronts us all. One of the primary causes of the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere is power generation. Most sources of energy such as coal and oil release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, warming the Earth and causing an increase in extreme weather events. Changing your home so that it relies on solar power instead of the grid will substantially reduce your dependence on harmful fossil fuels. 

2. Greater Flexibility

Solar power gives you the option of making your home entirely off the grid from time to time. This can be done through the use of solar batteries. While solar panels are the elements that receive energy from the sun, it’s the solar inverter that changes that energy’s current (DC) into the current that’s used in your home (AC). Some kinds of solar inverters (battery inverters or hybrid inverters) enable you to store the solar energy in a battery which can be utilized at night or on days will little sunlight. 

3. Save Money

Every time you power your home with sunlight, that’s less energy you have to take from the grid. This means lower energy bills. If your home produces excess energy, most municipalities let you sell that power back to the city, reducing your energy bills even further.

4. It’s Affordable

A lot of homeowners may have considered installing a solar power system for their home years ago, but were put off by the high price of installation. Well, times have changed. Solar power is far more affordable than it used to be, and the prices are falling all the time. Also, there are federal tax credits that are available for 2020 and 2021 to further motivate you to make the jump to solar.   

Installing solar panels as well as a traditional or hybrid solar inverter is one of the best — and most environmentally conscious — home upgrades you can make.