A Guide to Choosing Paint Colors for Commercial Building

Choosing Paint Colors

How your commercial building looks on the outside matters. Potential customers will judge how well you run your business before they ever step foot inside, so you need to make sure your building has the right mix of exterior paint colors to drive interest. Here is a guide to help you pick the right paint for the exterior of your commercial building. 

Consider Your Audience 

Understanding your target audience will help you figure out which color palette will work best for your business. Think of the age range of your customers. People of different age group will respond differently to certain colors. For instance, older generations respond positively to more muted colors, while bold colors attract a more youthful audience. A professional exterior painter in Alpharetta can help you choose from the most current paint trends for commercial buildings. 

Try Color Associations 

Companies have used color associations for decades, and the theory still works just as well today. Color association follows the principle that specific colors have a subtle, yet powerful, influence on customers. For example, red stimulates hunger, and yellow signifies playfulness and optimism. 

You can use color associations for your business too! Think about the services you supply and the customers you provide them to. Research the meanings of specific colors and choose the ones that best exemplifies the values your company wants to convey to your core audience. Make sure you hire reputable exterior painters to get the job done right. 

Use Light Colors 

Light exterior paint colors will allow your company’s signage to stand out so people can easily see them from a distance or up close. If you choose an overall color that is too bright or irritating to the eyes, you run the risk of losing potential customers. Lighter exterior colors also reflect a few the sun’s rays, which can reduce the cost of heating and cooling the inside of your commercial building. 

You can still use bold colors, just make sure you do so sparingly. Bolder colors are great for architectural features like trims and doors. They’ll give the exterior that extra pop of color to help your building stand out amongst nearby competitors. Whether you are starting from scratch or rebranding your business, choosing the right exterior painting in Alpharetta will attract more customers to your business.