Consider the upcoming spring period, what activities are you planning after months of restrictions?

After a long and cold winter, we are finally starting to feel the days getting warmer. You don’t have to check the calendar when nature gives us hints that spring is on the way.

For me, spring is the best season in Sydney as it brings out some of our favorite festivals. From kite flying at Bondi Beach to Sculpture by the Sea. 

From early morning exercise to picnics, social events, and team-building sports, everyone is ready with their bucket list to enjoy the spring to its fullest.

While in Sydney we are still not going to be able to have a completely normal spring, with some restrictions still in place. However, there is still many things we can do during this beautiful season. 

Have collected the list of the most popular and my favorite activities that you can do during spring.

1. Sydney Fringe Festival

With over 450 events in 70 different venues across Sydney, Sydney fringe festival is the largest independent arts festival in New South Wales.

This festival has been running for the last ten years, celebrating with the help of local artists and performers. Each September, many culture creators from all over the city join together to share Sydney’s stories presenting new work from all genres. While it is slightly different this year, you can now stream everything online, instead of attending in person. 

If you are in Sydney during September, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss this festival. 

2. Parkland Food Fest

The Parkland Food Fest is going virtual this year where a virtual kitchen segment will be live streamed throughout the Fest. While you can attend some parts of the festival, there will still be new restrictions in place. However, nothing will stop the food fest and stop the enjoyment. Spending a spring day at the Parkland Food Fest is filled with delicious meal options and a never-ending supply of great activities, it’s perfect for singles, couples, or the whole family.

You can enjoy live music and a myriad of food trucks with a huge variety of dishes to try. So, grab your chef’s hat and get ready to enjoy some of the best cuisines that Sydney has to offer. 

3. Team Building Events

We all want to go outside and have fun with our friends like we used to and play our favourite sports and games. Team building events are without a doubt, the best thing to do with colleagues and friends. However, some restrictions are still in place so getting in contact with people still poses a threat so, what should we do? 

Don’t worry; you can still have fun with your friends without getting in physical contact while maintaining a good social distance. The answer is Bubble Soccer, one of the biggest emerging and fun games. All players needs to wear a giant bubble suit which helps to maintain the distance of at least one meter from each other. During this time, there isn’t a better sport you can, that is both fun and safe to play, like Bubble Soccer. 

For the best bubble soccer sessions in Sydney, contact Ultimate Bubble Soccer. They keep clients above everything else and take the utmost measures to sanitise the bubble before and after they are used.